Should We Be Dressing For Our Star Sign?

By Charlie Colville

5 months ago

How tapping into your Venus sign could improve your fashion sense

Whether you use it to search up your compatibility with a potential lover, narrow down your skincare needs or find your dream staycation destination, chances are astrology has played some part in your new year plans – but did you know it can even affect how you look in certain clothes? Here’s how to dress for your Venus sign, according to fashion experts and TikTok trendsetters.

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How To Dress For Your Venus Sign

One pop culture phenomenon that keeps getting more and more popular each year is astrology. While the practice may have been brushed off as silliness just a few years ago, it now boasts an impressive chokehold over Millennials and Gen Z – who use it for everything from daily horoscopes and compatibility tests to decision-making and trends.

It should come as no surprise then that astrology has caught the attention of fashion forecasters, who have dubbed ‘Venus dressing’ – aka, choosing an outfit based on your Venus sign – the next trend to take over the industry. The movement has taken over TikTok in particular, where the search query ‘how to dress for your Venus sign’ has over 210 million views.

Moon cycle on night sky

(c) Farzad Mohsenvand, Unsplash

‘The beginning of January feels like a clean slate to us all,’ adds Miranda Holder, a stylist known as the Feelgood Fashion Coach. ‘It’s natural for these sleepy winter months for us to mimic nature and “hibernate” a little ourselves, for most that doesn’t mean hiding under your duvet for days, but perhaps taking life a little more gently, having more early nights and being more introspective, paving the way for us to become more in tune with our astrological charts and how they may impact our lives. Dressing with our charts in mind and choosing outfits based upon our Venus sign is a way of connecting our spiritual selves with the energy of our physical selves, which, as we are after all moving into the much anticipated “Age of Aquarius”, feels very apt.’

What Is A Venus Sign?

Your Venus sign refers to which zodiac sign the planet Venus was in when you were born. ‘Our birth chart is an identical representation of the night sky at the precise time we were born,’ explains Miranda. ‘They contain all of the signs in different places as well as the sun and moon and eight planets, of which Venus is one. As the planets do move, Venus could be situated in any zodiac sign; it’s easy enough to find out which one by entering your exact birth date and time into one of the many astrology apps or websites.’

How To Find Your Venus Sign

You’ll need your date of birth, as well as the time and location you were born. Plug these details into a Venus sign calculator like the one on Cafe Astrology or Astrostyle, or on an astrology app like Co-Star, and it will reveal your sign.

How Can It Influence The Way We Look In Certain Styles & Colours?

It may seem slightly farfetched that the stars can help determine what looks good on the individual, but, according to astrology, Venus plays a vital role in nurturing attraction – which, by definition, encompasses the way we present ourselves physically. ‘Venus governs love, relationships, beauty, attraction and personal style,’ highlights Miranda. ‘When we wear outfits which resonate with our Venus sign, we are also resonating with our romantic side, making us not only more attractive to potential partners but also feeling in harmony with who we really are at a deep level.

‘When a client tells me she feels her wardrobe doesn’t properly represent who she is, she is probably not dressing for her Venus sign,’ she continues. ‘Each sign of the Zodiac has a unique style personality, so if your Venus sign is in Scorpio for example, you feel truly aligned when wearing sensual, provocative fabrics such as leather and lace, whereas a Venus in Sagittarius would feel most alive in free-spirited, boho clothing, A Venus in Aquarius would be an unconventional trendsetter and a Leo’s style would be flashy and ostentatious. Remember, this has nothing to do with your Sun sign – your Venus sign could be entirely different.’

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In astrology, Venus is the planet that makes us attractive,’ adds TikTok user @astrolinaaa. ‘When we tap into our Venus sign we become super attractive not only to the people but the things that we want… If you take care of your Venus, she will take care of you. This is an ancient practice of honouring your birth chart to activate it to its fullest potential. If you want to become more attractive, you’re going to honour the planet that makes you more attractive – aka, Venus.’

How To Dress…

How To Dress An Aquarius Venus

Eccentricities and innovation really appeal Aquarius Venuses, who like to do their own thing and take pride in the label ‘weird’. You’ll often catch them playing along the boundaries of femininity and masculinity as they hone in on their personal style.

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How To Dress A Pisces Venus

Soft and feminine, a Pisces Venus will thrive in pastel tones, oceanic palettes (this is Pisces, after all) and sugary sweet aesthetics. Girliness, however you choose to interpret it, will always work well for a Pisces Venus.

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How To Dress An Aries Venus

An Aries Venus is a trendsetter when it comes to fashion. Since they are ruled by Mars, you’ll also see that colours like red and black work well for them – as well as outfits that play on masculinity and sensuality.

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How To Dress A Taurus Venus

If there is just one word that describes a Taurus Venus, it is ‘expensive’. The sign is already ruled by Venus, which means that themes of beauty, luxury and sensuality (appealing to the senses through playful texture clashing) work well for them. Neutrals and greens are a winner for them.

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How To Dress A Gemini Venus

As expected of a Gemini sign, duality plays a really big role in how Gemini Venuses express their best self visually. They can comfortably switch between glamourous and relaxed looks while generally retaining a youthful vibe. Expect lots of colour experimentation.

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How To Dress A Cancer Venus

Dubbed a more ‘traditional’ sign, Cancer Venuses tend to opt for more sophisticated and modest fits. Neutrals, blues and silvery metallics work wonders for this sign, since it is ruled by the Moon.

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How To Dress A Leo Venus

A fun and playful sign, Leos are ruled by the sun and represented by the lion – so golden, earthy tones tend to work well for them, as well as animal prints and expressive outfits. Notably, purple is a colour that makes them pop.

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How To Dress A Venus Virgo

Being an earth sign, Virgos are attracted to neutral, earthy tones. You’ll also find that they fixate on the smaller details, creating outfits that look very well-structured and put-together. They will wear an outfit, rather than let an outfit wear them.

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How To Dress A Libra Venus

Another trendsetting sign, a Libra Venus is known for taking risks with their fashion while gravitating towards more luxurious and expensive-looking fits. Their fashion will aim to communicate messages to the world – either about themselves or what they are passionate about.

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How To Dress A Scorpio Venus

Another sign ruled by Mars, expect Scorpio Venuses to look great in red and black. You’ll find that materials like leather and satin, combined with tight and sleek silhouettes, really bring out the best (and sexiest version) of this sign.

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How To Dress A Sagittarius Venus

Dramatic and full of range, a Sagittarius Venus is ruled by Jupiter – which means the outfits that suit them most are bold, eye-catching and sometimes even a little OTT. They also love bright colours, although yellow is supposedly their luckiest colour.

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How To Dress A Capricorn Venus

A Capricorn Venus sign is nothing short of daring when it comes to their fashion, opting for classic, expensive-looking fits that guarantee a trend. They’re also an earth sign, which means muted shades of grey, black and earth tones look great on them.

@astrolinaaa Replying to @dodopoop you would never think this sign could be such a trendsetter, but here we are. what do you think of her style? one thing about her is that she always looks expensive ✨💞 #juliafox #astrology #astrologytiktok #astrologyvibes #greenscreen ♬ Chill and gentle lo-fi/10 minutes(1455687) – nightbird_bgm

Should We Be Dressing For Our Star Sign?

At the end of the day, Venus dressing is yet another quirky trend that all of us can happily tap into – although you shouldn’t feel like it’s something you have to do, especially if you are already happy with the way you dress. Simply treat it like a fun activity. You never know, you might just click with your Venus sign like never before.

‘Dressing for your Venus sign could just be the missing magic that you have been waiting for when it comes to your personal style,’ adds Miranda. ‘It’s fun, interesting to discover and certainly worth a try, particularly if you are feeling there’s a mismatch between your clothing and who you are. I would say you have absolutely nothing to lose in giving it a go – it might be the style hack you’ve been looking for!’

Featured image: Annoushka