The 10 Best Aesthetic Treatments To Try Now, According To Experts

By CTH Editors

3 weeks ago

Our beauty team gives you the rundown

When considering a tweak or two there’s nothing like word of mouth to put you in the picture. Here, our dedicated team of beauty experts put ten aesthetic treatments on trial.

The Best Aesthetic Treatments, Tried & Tested By Experts

1. PBserum with Skinpen

What happens: Dr Selena Langdon is one of the first UK aesthetic doctors to offer this revolutionary treatment and she’s very excited having seen the results, ‘especially on difficult to treat areas like stretch marks and acne scars’. In fact, she goes as far as to say it could be an alternative to more aggressive procedures like laser or surgery. Why? Because PBSerum, which has both medical and cosmeceutical applications and is already popular in Europe and South America, is the first therapeutic system based on recombinant enzymes. When these are targeted effectively, they can do everything from breaking down fat such as that around the jowl (so remodelling the jawline) to improving scarring and fibrosis. On the cosmeceutical side, it can offer a souped-up facial, delivered through prickly microneedling with SkinPen or with radiofrequency (whatever system helps it get pushed into the skin most efficiently), with excellent tightening results. But if you have an area of concern, such as pigmentation or ageing hands, these enzymes might become your new best friend – and how fun to say bye-bye, surgery.

Ouch factor: The area is numbed before treatment, so tingling on the treatment zone is all that you should expect.

Downtime: All tightness and redness should be relieved after 48 hours, but you’ll have to drink lots, wear full SPF and use minimal products in the meantime to avoid infection.

Results: For an A-class facial with lasting results, it’s an exciting development, but for those with a condition such as acne or even stretchmarks, it’s a game-changer.

Book it: £POA.

2. Mesotox

What happens: A combo of teeny amounts of Botox plus mesotherapy, this powerful, non-surgical treatment is face genius Vaishaly’s invention. As you lie on a heated couch in Vaishaly’s Marylebone clinic, 20 tiny gold- tipped needles attached to a phial of skin boosters are applied to your skin in soft, prickly motions. The bespoke solution includes Botox to smooth fine surface lines with a personalised serum of vitamins, minerals and amino acids selected for your skin type. The whole thing takes about 30 minutes and is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want a full face of Botox or fillers.

Ouch factor: The sensation feels like someone is gently pricking your face with a pencil nib.

Downtime: Unlike lasers or peels there’s no imperative to keep out of the sun, sea or sauna afterwards, leaving you free to return to work straight away.

Results: Brilliant for loose skin, discolouration, acne, eye bags, scars and for oily, congested areas as pores are dramatically tightened. Skin looks brightened, hydrated and its texture and tone even. An ideal treatment for brides, the glow lasts three to four months.

Book it: From £345.

3. Lip Flip x PRP

What happens: A subtle enhancement of the lips that uses the patient’s own growth factors to enhance fullness, Dr Lizzie Tuckey is an expert at achieving fuller lips without relying on hyaluronic acid filler. After an initial consultation, blood is taken from a vein in the arm which is then spun in a centrifuge to separate out the platelet- rich plasma that’s steeped in growth factors. This is then injected back into the lips to regenerate collagen (the body’s structural protein) for firmer lip tissue with improved hydration. The second (lip flip) part of treatment is optional and involves a small injection of Botox in the small muscles around the lips that keeps them from turning inwards when smiling, thus reducing a gummy smile and giving a subtle lift to the top lip.

Ouch factor: As local anaesthetic is applied to lips beforehand only mild discomfort is felt during the PRP injections. For the Botox, expect a few short, sharp scratches.

Downtime: Some mild swelling occurs for a few hours afterwards along with mild bruising in some that can last a couple of days.

Results: Immediately lips feel smoother and more plump. Optimum results appear after two weeks as the Botox kicks in.

Book It: £795 with Dr Lizzie Tuckey at

4. Ameela

What happens: If you’ve had Profhilo before you’ll be familiar with the method. But, Dr Ashwin Soni, a GMC-registered plastic surgeon and expert injector, believes Ameela is a superior type of skin booster. Utilising polynucleotides, the solution is rich-in-stem cells thus helps to produce more collagen and elastin for firmer, plumper skin that appears refreshed and rejuvenated. Dr Soni applies numbing cream and massages the area with an ice pack before injecting it into the superficial layers of the skin in strategic areas on both sides of the face. The whole thing takes no more than three minutes before Dr Soni moves on to the under eyes. To ensure safety and protect the delicate skin around the eyes, he inserts a cannula in the top of the cheek, which he uses to safely distribute the formula to the undereye area. This is the moment where you might begin to get tense – but the sensation, while jarring, is quick.

Ouch factor: It’s more cringey than painful, though the face injections are a bit stingy for a second or two.

Downtime: Relatively little. A miniscule bruise might occur in injection sites but it dissipates quickly.

Results: A refreshed radiance is seen immediately afterwards and six to 12 weeks later dark circles are diminished while skin quality appears juicy and youthful – without the superficial look that filler can impart.

Book it: From £600 a session, available at his residency at The Langham Hotel, London and at his flagship clinic in Ascot, Berkshire.

Model wearing red lipstick

Photo: Mateusz Sitek. Styling: Ursula Lake

5. Teeth Bonding

What happens: Dr Tom Crawford-Clarke prides himself on the natural look and is a whizz at composite bonding, a veneer-like coating that turns worn and aged teeth into a youthful-looking smile – without removing any of the natural tooth underneath. The process begins with facial planning, during which Crawford-Clarke takes into account the whole facial anatomy including the width of the nose and the curve of the lips, making note of any asymmetries that need to be accounted for (teeth that are too symmetrical can look ‘off’ he maintains). A digital mock-up of the end result gives a good metric of how your smile will change, which is followed up with a mock fit of the new teeth, which he does by applying a rudimentary application of composite (the same material that’s used in fillings) to establish the length and size of your new teeth. Pictures are taken and off you go with time to adjust to your new smile. Crawford-Clarke says this is key to moving ahead as it can take some time to get used to a new look, despite it being an improvement. Once any adjustments have been agreed upon, the actual appointment lasts about four hours. Crawford-Clarke hand paints four or five different shades of the composite material to the teeth making sure to add in subtle nuances such as transparency at the bottom for a natural look that follows the morphology of the original teeth – only ten years younger. While some bonding can appear thick and opaque, Crawford-Clarke’s are no more than 0.7 millimetre thick, reducing the propensity to chip considerably.

Ouch factor: No pain, but patience is required as the appointment is long and painstaking.

Downtime: Results are transformative and immediate, and no downtime is necessary.

Results: Composite bonding, when planned meticulously and artfully applied gives a complete smile makeover that looks as good as porcelain veneers. Though, says Crawford-Clarke, the material isn’t as durable and doesn’t last as long. Polishing is required every six to twelve months along with regular hygiene appointments to maintain the original look.

Book it: From £475 per tooth. Four to ten teeth are recommended.

6. The 8-Point Lift

What happens: Targeting eight strategic lifting points including the cheekbones, tear trough, nasolabial folds, mouth corners, pre-jowl area, jawline and lower cheek, Dr Joney De Souza minimally injects a combination of varying viscosities of filler to achieve a
subtle facelift effect without the need for surgery. De Souza, who counts Cat Deeley as one of his clients, works methodically for around an hour to ensure results are both natural-looking and in harmony with your specific facial features.

Ouch factor: Dr De Souza uses numbing cream and a cannula with a thin needle which is virtually pain-free, though some discomfort is normal. The dermal filler itself contains a lidocaine which decreases sensitivity further.

Downtime: You can resume normal duties directly afterwards but De Souza advises avoiding makeup around the eyes for a day and applying SPF. Some swelling is usual for up to 24 hours following treatment.

Results: A sculpted face is apparent first off, while dark circles around eyes are reduced as is hollowness in the temples and cheek area. Overall, skin takes on a firmer more youthful appearance which lasts up to 12 months, after which touch-ups may be required to maintain the status quo.

Book it: From £1,800, priced after consultation.

7. Lip & Cheek Filler

What happens: Dr Ivona Igerc (Dr Ivy) works on her patients while they stand, allowing gravity to dictate the areas she needs to address (every face looks better lying back). This technique, says Dr Ivy, allows her to view the face from all angles giving her more control and a more ‘elegant outcome’. Taking a ‘cephalometric analysis’ which examines the relationship between bone, muscles and fat padding, when static and in motion, she first determines exactly where to inject. While opera music is playing, Dr Ivy applies a numbing cream and after 20 minutes begins to move ballerina-like around the face to carefully administer the filler in the lips and cheeks. Once finished, she gently massages skin tissue, moulding it with her hands like a sculptor, ensuring the solution is positioned as desired.
Ouch factor: Dr Ivy is a gentle injector but there is some initial swelling with bruising in some patients, a normal reaction that’s expected to vanish within three days.

Results: No pillow face here, lips and cheeks look naturally rejuvenated, not filled. Book it: Priced on consultation.

8. Emface Submentum

What happens: Dr Galyna Selezneva is known as the energy device queen and only works with technology that’s scientifically proven to work. One of the first to introduce Emface by BTL, the machine that utilises a combination of HIFES (high- intensity facial electrical stimulation) and radiofrequency, the machine activates the muscles while tightening the skin with safe levels of radiofrequency. New to the protocol is Emface chin pads that target a wobbly double chin, while helping to snatch the jawline simultaneously. For a full facial rejuvenation Galyna begins by applying electromagnetic pads onto each cheek, one on the forehead and a small pad (submentum) underneath the chin. While the muscle stimulation is felt (it’s like a workout for the facial muscles), the main sensation is gentle heat. The procedure takes around 30 minutes and you’ll leave with a slight flush that usually subsides within the hour.

Ouch factor: No pain, just a toasty wash of heat that feels no different to the warmth of the sun.

Downtime: None, this is non-invasive face lifting at its best.

Results: You’ll start to see more definition in the jawline immediately but the collagen boosting effects begin showing one week after and continue to improve over the course of three months.

Book it: Emface submentum with chin pads costs from £2,500 for four sessions, and is available at Rita Rakus clinic.

9. LAM 7-in-1 Ultimate 360 Cellular Activation Facial

What happens: Dr Uliana Gout is a pioneer in aesthetics and her truly bespoke approach to your individual needs is what makes her one of the most sought-after practitioners in the business. Her latest seven-step treatment is based around ‘SkinRegen’ (her aesthetic buzzword for 2024), and concerns itself with targeting individual cells to stimulate them and prompt collagen production. Mixing and matching both product and machine, this turbocharged seven step facial kicks off with radiofrequency (which can heat your face, but she monitors your ability to withstand it closely), after which a layer of rejuvenating exosomes is delivered with a technology called electroporation to drive it deeper. Before another layer of those punchy little protein and bioactives-packed molecules, Dr Gout hyper cleanses the face with exfoliant BHA/ABA for the T-zone and a powerful antioxidant facial which really helps to boost smoothness, depigmentation and radiance and opens it up ready for more, including the delivery of polynucleotides (particularly hydrating) into the exposed pores. Taking down the heat, and including oh-so-moisture-boosting hyaluronic acid, Dr Gout cools the face with a blast of cryotherapy, before finishing up with an LED treatment to boost the efficacy of the treatment, topped off with an oxygen blast for a final circulation kick. This is more than just a facial, and two to three sessions are recommended six to eight weeks apart for the full effects – which are confidence-boosting perkiness and

Ouch factor: The only bit that can be slightly painful is the degree of heat used in the radiofrequency.

Downtime: You won’t want to wear makeup for a couple of days but there’s no hiding away needed.

Results: Tighter, brighter skin appears over the weeks to come – and lasts.

Book it: Program of three, £3,384.

10. MorphoLift

What happens: Dr David Jack is renowned for his subtle work and his new MorphoLift
treatment is no exception. A combination of Botox targeting the platysma muscle that spans the neck and jowl area, and dermal fillers to support the structure of the jawline is complemented by a session of Morpheus8, the micro-needling and radiofrequency treatment that stimulates collagen production for tighter, brighter skin. You’ll chill in the waiting room accented with Corinthian columns and sip on fresh coffee served in porcelain cups while the numbing cream kicks in. As the treatment gets underway the injections of filler and Botox are quick and efficient while the Morpheus8 device is like a posh staple gun (minus the staples) that feels warm on the skin with a slight
zapping sensation. The whole thing is over before you know it, but if you check your watch the whole treatment takes around two hours.

Ouch factor: Some people find Morpheus8 painful, others tolerate it without any discomfort. We found it marginally uncomfortable but not at all painful.

Downtime: Skin may look a little red directly afterwards but it soon disappears.

Results: Done over two sessions, neck and jaw look tighter after the first session, but things get better and better as the months
go on, peaking around six months later.

Book it: £4,100 over two sessions with Dr Jack and £3,560 with his associates.

SAFETY NOTE: Make sure to visit an experienced medical doctor who is proficient at operating energy devices.