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The Best Facials In London

The perfect 'me time' treat...

Introducing the C&TH pick of the best facials in London. There are few feelings as wonderful as walking out of a facial sans make-up and glowing so much that your friends ask if you’ve been on holiday. No matter how many times you watch a Gankin Massage tutorial on YouTube, you simply can’t beat the skilled touch of a trained professional, but as with anything, not all treatments are created equal. We’ve got the lowdown on where to get the best facial fix in the capital; for first-timers, radiance-seekers, glow-getters, and facial-veterans, these are the finest treatments in London.

The Best Facials In London


Think hidden London. A clinic in a private, third-floor apartment entered off Harley Street. It’s where Arab slebs and royalty come to get younger. You’re offered homemade Moroccan biscuits, fresh mint tea and dates while you wait. Then a 12-step bespoke facial that fuses technology and hands-on, including a dreamy face and scalp massage. You may have cleansing (with natural acids and Jojoba beads), manual lymphatic drainage (with divine rose-whiffy oil), facial acupressure (for energy healing). A Hydrafacial machine may decongest your pores and a massage of Boto Lift moisturiser – think Botox in a bottle – will tighten your skin. You’ll leave rejuvenated and with a serious moisture boost. Dr Mandour,  pharmacist and cosmetic practitioner at the clinic, formulated the products and they’re fab and available exclusively at John Bell & Croyden. But if you want a DIY job, their Hydrating and Firming Mask is just the ticket. One-hour Bespoke Signature Facial, £310.  (Review: Caroline Phillips)

The Skin Whisperer at Skinfluencer

There are facials and then there’s The Skin Whisperer, a high-tech, multi-approach programme designed to combine the most effective treatments together so that the results are outstanding. Usually, clients might book in for a singular treatment such as PRP – aka the Vampire Facial – or Profhilo, but at Skinfluencer, a boutique Fulham Road clinic, it is the synthesis of these treatments that makes it so special and bespoke. What can you expect? Well, for best results, you need to commit to four treatments over six weeks. You’ll be treated to Ultraformer III, a non-Invasive ultrasound treatment to target sagging skin with lifting and tightening; PRP, which spins up your your own blood to extract the plasma, which is then reinjected into your skin and helps regenerate collagen and improve texture and tone, plus two lots of Profhilo 28 days apart, providing lashings of hydration. Along with healing LED light therapy and enzyme peels, your skin undergoes a youthful bootcamp which will have you glowing like a Christmas tree light for weeks and months to come.

Book it:  £3,000 for the four treatments over six weeks.

Grown Alchemist Regenerator  Facial at the Carlton Tower Jumeirah

First go purposefully to the wrong location —the hotel’s 9th – floor fitness club —to ogle at the spectacular view of Knightsbridge. Next nip downstairs for lolling, steaming then swimming in a 20m pool under a glass roof. Once in the Zen treatment room of limestone and dark wood, therapist Alexandra offers this new and best of the best facials with a magic touch. Think geranium- scented gel cleanser then a hydra cream one, followed by an enzyme exfoliator and oooh- ah scalp massage, mask, detox serum, anti-pollution mist and massage with anti- oxidant facial oil —all with scientifically innovative but plant-based, natural ingredients that are biocompatible. The other big sell is the face cupping (regenerating, rejuvenating and lifting) and cryotherapy — icy cryo-balls rolled over the serum to boost lymphatic drainage. You’ll zone out on a super comfy, heated massage couch. And leave radiant, glowing and lusting after a bag of these organic Aussie products. Review by Caroline Phillips

BOOK IT NOW: £190 for one hour (this includes two hours of spa facilities use).

Dreamy Bespoke Skin Ritual at Iris Avenue

Facials at Iris Avenue – Fitzrovia’s swankiest nail bar and beauty salon – are crafted in collaboration with luxury skincare brand Murad, specialising in customisable treatments and rituals. If there’s something specific going on with your skin that you’d like to try and tackle, you’ll do well with the Dreamy Bespoke Skin Ritual; this facial is preceded by an in-depth consultation form where you can outline your primary skin concerns (Dry skin? Blackheads? Fine lines and wrinkles?), and followed by a quick talk from your facialist explaining which skincare products you should use and avoid for the next week.

The facial itself is comprised of a combination of skin treatments – cleansers, peels, the works – as well as steam therapy and blackhead extractions. You skin will come out feeling ultra-fresh and toned (although maybe a little sore from the extractions, so best to try this facial a couple days before any big events), with skin brightening up within days of trying it out. Review by Charlie Colville

BOOK IT NOW: The Dreamy Bespoke Skin Ritual starts from £70.

The Hydrafacial

If you haven’t had a Hydrafacial, then it’s about time you booked one. This treatment is often buzzed about by dermatologists, celebrities and skincare enthusiasts – and there’s good reason why. The three-step facial works to deep-clean, exfoliate and hydrate skin in just 30 minutes, using a wand device (which delivers deeper penetration than just using hands) to remove dead skin cells and dirt before bathing the new skin with cleansing, hydrating and moisturising serums. But how does the wand work? It’s essentially a vacuum that gently opens pores for a deep cleanse and easy extraction, leaving an ‘open door’ for the serums’ active ingredients to penetrate deeper.

A Hydrafacial treatment begins with a deep cleanse and exfoliation using a gentle peel, which reveals a new layer of skin. The next step is to extract impurities from pores using the wand’s suction function – it’s a lot gentler than it sounds – before moving on to hydration, where the skin is then saturated with intense moisturisers and ingredients tailored to your skincare concerns (which you can discuss with your facialist prior to your appointment). One of the newer boosters on the menu has been created in collaboration with JLo; the JLo Beauty Booster features JLo’s patented olive complex to plump and hydrate, tri-fermented essence to support collagen production, niacinamide to brighten and smooth and antioxidants to protect the surface of your skin. This is followed by LED light therapy (the red light stimulate collagen an elastin, making it ideal for tackling fine lines and wrinkles, while the blue light targets acne).

The result? Seriously glowing skin from the get-go. The immediate effect of the Hydrafacial is, as the name suggests, immediate hydration. This facial will help tackle any lingering dryness you might be experiencing, as well as lighten the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation. Review by Charlie Colville

BOOK IT NOW: From £125.

Woman receiving facial

The Korean Glass Skin Facial at Dr David Jack, Belgravia

This new treatment at Dr David Jack’s luxurious new clinic in Belgravia is inspired by South Korea’s latest beauty obsession: glass skin. What is glass skin I hear you ask? It’s skin that’s naturally luminous, with a dewy, even-toned and smooth appearance. Sounds fabulous – and perfect for a make-up free summer. The Glass Skin Facial begins with a two-step cleanse and a gentle, bespoke blended brightening micropeel. This is followed by a deep cleansing aquapurify treatment, to further clear and exfoliate the skin, removing impurities and dead skin cells while stimulating blood circulation. Up next is an ionised oxygen bubble mask, where layers of active-ingredients bubble up to penetrate more easily into the skin, purifying pores while boosting hydration to avoid stripping the skin barrier. The treatment concludes with LED light therapy to instantly plump skin while helping to stimulate collagen production for long-term lifting and tightening. Review by Amy Wakeham

BOOK IT NOW: £170 (£430 for pack of 3, £815 for pack of 6).

Cellcosmet Swiss Deluxe ProCollagen Face & Neck Facial at The White Room

Trust the Swiss to get it right. The White Room is a little bit of Switzerland in Knightsbridge. There you’ll find Swiss therapist Flurina offering a deluxe facial using cutting-edge Swiss skincare brand, Cellcosmet. By pairing cellular technology, natural extracts and microbiome science, the Swiss lab has come up with a winning formula of CytoPep Cellular Extracts, to revitalise the skin and preserve its microbiome. After an in-depth consultation and tailored skin preparation, she’ll massage your face – increasing collagen, sculpting your jawline and boosting lymphatic drainage. Next comes the Collagen Mask; while it covers your mouth, you won’t want to talk anyway as Flurina will be massaging your feet, chatting about her animal behaviourist skills and filling you in on  the very latest skin science. It delivers immediate and intense hydration and reshapes and plumps facial contours, counterbalancing stress, sun, dehydration and pollution. If your skin was sluggish, dull and congested before, it certainly won’t be now. You’ll leave glowing and radiant. Review by Caroline Phillips

BOOK IT NOW: £279 for 90 minutes.

Woman receiving facial treatment

BBL (BroadBand Light) Therapy with Dr Jenny Doyle at The Clinic at Holland Park

There’s neon art reading ‘where the magic happens’ in this gleaming white, new clinic offering cutting-edge aesthetic and wellness treatments. Go there and visit consultant oculoplastic surgeon Dr Jenny Doyle to try her non-invasive BBL (BroadBand Light) Therapy, a procedure which magically disappears sun damage, age spots and broken capillaries. You’ll pop your head into a spacey VISIA Skin Analysis machine — which uses UV and polarised light filters to assess your pigmentation to pores — allowing Dr Doyle to diagnose your skin defects. Wearing metal laser eye shields, you’ll then have a 10-minute treatment. As the doctor moves a vintage phone handpiece-type contraption across your cheeks, it feels as if hot elastic bands are being flicked in your face, accompanied by flashing lights — actually BBL phototherapy with several wavelengths of light plus heat reaching the melanotytes to target brown spots and zap unsightly blood vessels. Loiter afterwards over the lovely curated products and buy some Alumiers broad spectrum SPF to protect your face post- treatment. You’ll soon look as perfect as if you’d been airbrushed. Review by Caroline Phillips

BOOK IT NOW: £500 for one BBL treatment; £1300 for three. 

Adeela Crown at The Bulgari Spa

As part of the launch of its new ‘Star Residences’ at this top-class subterranean Knightsbridge spa, you can now get the A-list red carpet treatment courtesy of Adeela Crown. This is a facial like no other and Adeela is the most intuitive therapist C&TH has come across in recent times. There’s no prescription here: Adeela looks at the evidence that your face and skin reveals and acts accordingly. A deep cleanse is the first step, as Adeela knows that however hard we try at home to cleanse properly, we’ll never get our skin as clean as she can. With your skin now a blank canvas upon which to work, Adeela will choose her treatments accordingly and she’s a high-tech fan, so she might include microneedling, radiofrequency or an LED mask as part of the regime. What is so different though is the use of her (highly insured) hands – they’re probably the best machine of them all. Her ability to massage, sculpt and drain your face is the game-changer here, leaving you feel like you’ve had a great facial work out. And depending on your schedule, she’ll prep you for the evening ahead or for an event in a couple of days where you have a day or so for your skin to benefit most from the treatment. She’s fantastic fun too, cuts through the crap (‘don’t ever buy a cream with added SPF, you need to add it separately as part of your regime’) and is very down to earth, so whether you’re a Hollywood celebrity; a titan of industry or just a regular client, Adeela Crown will have you looking red-carpet ready.


Adeela Crown

JUANA SKIN Signature Facial At The Lanserhof At The Arts Club

The Lanserhof At The Arts Club is well-known for its steeped-in-science wellness approach; its beauty treatments deliver on the same ethos. The latest offer on the menu is the JUANA SKIN Signature Facial, a 30-minute deep-cleanse and nourishing treatment using CBD-based products. Expect your skin to feel decongested and look more alive, as the products target signs of stress-induced fatigue. The beauty of the ingredients is that this is the highest-grade of CBD on the market for skincare, so this is truly engineered to relax you (but don’t enter looking for any highs as this is non-intoxicating – read our full guide to CBD here). In fact, the calibre of the CBD is so high that your facialist will need to take the unusual step of gloving up before applying the products – to maximise the potency for your skin and avoid absorbing it across their own hands. The effect of this R&R facial? The immediate results you experience, from rejuvenation to a sparkly-brightness, will last longer than just the weekend alone. An after-care programme, developed by the JUANA SKIN experts and the Lanserhof medical team, is recommended for guests to continue at home. Review by Tessa Dunthorne, read her full review here

BOOK IT NOW: The JUANA SKIN Signature Facial (60 Minutes) is available from £220.

Juana Facial Oil

SW1 24 Carat Gold HydraFacial At The Lanesborough Club & Spa

Head to one of London’s most sprawling subterranean spas and treat yourself to the most indulgent facial in the capital. The new bespoke 90-minute Hydrafacial features not only the signature six-step process but additional LED light therapy, electro muscular stimulation (EMS) technology, and a 24-carat gold mask. The EMS (while feeling a little bonkers with its resultant facial spasms) stimulates deep muscle movement for a rejuvenating, lifting effect, while the HydraFacial process gives an intense, deep cleanse for a visibly smoother, revitalised complexion. Drift away during this extra-long treatment, created in partnership with The Luxury Aesthetics Group for optimum results, finishing with the luxe gold mask, proven to reduce inflammation and decrease cell degradation for added anti-ageing impact. An impeccable treatment delivered by a highly skilled therapist in one of London’s most luxurious spas: this is pampering.

BOOK IT NOW: SW1 24 Carat Gold HydraFacial, £475,

HydraFacial At The Lanesborough Club & Spa

Vaishaly Mesotherapy Experience

The Vaishaly Mesotherapy Experience is a new facial with wow factor – Vaishaly’s treatments have been favoured by A-listers for nearly two decades, with her facials particularly sought after. This new treatment begins with relaxing cranial sacral work on the face, neck and shoulders. Tensions release during this massage from both body and mind, and then this is followed by the mesotherapy. And you’ve not experienced a treatment like this before – ‘nappage’ technique gently taps a powerful (and completely bespoke) blend of hyaluronic acid, vitamins, amino acids and minerals into the skin in microscopic quantities. Expect hydrated skin and the eschew of damaged or aged skins with fresh, plumper skin. After one session, it boasts the ability to boost your complexion, making it more toned, uplifted and radiant. Ideal for all sorts of skin, and does a fantastic job with scars, wounds, eczema, rosacea and acne. Think boosting, non-surgical, anti-ageing treatment for the ultimate glow —that definitely beats Botox and fillers —and from which there’s no down time. Results last up to three months, improving in the days following consultation. An iconic new treatment from an iconic name in beauty.


Vaishaly Treatment

Angel Skincare Facial at Harley Street Skin Clinic

BeautyLab’s scientifically proven and supremely luxurious products take centre stage in this rejuvenating and hydrating facial that leaves your skin singing. First up, it’s your traditional double cleanse with the Beautylab peptide cleanser to wash off the W1 smog and that morning’s foundation. Then after the toner comes the Pearl Dermabrasion, which is packed with diamonds, mother of pearl and those all important glycolic and lactic acids to brilliantly exfoliate your skin and smooth things out. Then a bit of smart tech comes into play (as no facial really is worth its salt without it) – BeautyLab’s Dual Anti-Ageing System is a gentle microcurrent delivered by your therapist that as well as tightening your facial muscles, later delivers pure oxygen to your newly minted skin to really add an energy boost and give your collagen a juicy burst. A mask, a serum and some SPF50 round things off beautifully. There’s no downtime, zero discomfort, just zingy skin to go out and enjoy yourself with.

BOOK IT NOW: 60 mins, £120,

angel skincare facial at harley street clinic

Phyto Facial Treatment at the Dr Nyla Super Clinic, Mayfair

It doesn’t get much more opulent than Dr Nyla Raja’s Super Clinic on Mayfair’s Dover Street. Here, clinical asceticism is bypassed in favour of all-out glamour, with a luxurious cream, gold and taupe design scheme that’s enhanced by a poured concrete floor painstakingly hand-painted with gold leaf.

As well as the tech-led aesthetic treatments Dr Nyla is renowned for, here in the Super Clinic you can also treat yourself to one of her Phyto facials, which put to good use her new line of science-driven skincare products.

On arrival, you’re whisked into the luxuriously serene environs of a treatment room, and introduced to your expert facialist, who assesses your skin’s individual profile and requirements. You then lie back on the warmed bed, and are treated to a relaxing shoulder, neck and back massage, before the new Nourishing Cleansing Cream is applied using the doctor’s signature Japanese-inspired skin patting and lifting technique, which improves lymphatic drainage, reduces stress and contours the skin, eliminating excess fluid and tightening the face.

Next, the facialist uses the new Dr Nyla Ultrasonic X360 gadget on your skin, which cleverly combines ultrasound, a high frequency mechanical vibration wave, with radio frequency to boost collagen and elastin, enhance product permeation, and aid cleansing. Once this is complete, a light exfoliating peel is applied (depending on your skin’s sensitivity and suitability) to gently resurface the skin.

This is followed by a hydrating mask and a glow-boosting 10-minute session under a LED Light Therapy device, which has been shown to speed up healing, stimulate collagen and reduce inflammation. Finally, at the end of the hour-long session, the therapist massages in the Dr Nyla Illuminate Eye Cream and Prejuvenate Serum, leaving skin glowing and renewed.

With all the products used available to take home, you can easily replicate this treatment at home – although you really can’t beat spending a spoiling hour in Dr Nyla’s luxurious Super Clinic, in the hands of one of her experts.

BOOK IT NOW: Dr Nyla Phyto Facial, £350.

The Augustinus Bader Exclusive Bulgari Facial

Augustinus Bader is one of the most vaunted skincare brands in the world, with endless accolades for the products’ effectiveness in prompting the skin to repair itself. They are truly pioneering, having been formulated by Professor Augustinus Bader, a German scientist whose interest in the skin healing and tissue repair of burns victims, led him eventually to create a range of commercial products that smoothe, heal and repair the skin through his patented Trigger Factor Complex. But you don’t need to know all that. You just need to know now you can indulge in the full Augustinus Bader facial experience at the Bulgari hotel. Ninety-minutes of relaxation and restoration await, starting with a double cleanse, using the Cleansing Balm and Cleansing Gel, applied in soothing, massaging strokes. Once clean, there’s more lymphatic drainage and fascia release massage (with warm and cold Gua Sha to aid absorption) as The Rich Cream infiltrates your skin and kick starts your own repair system. Then while a hydration mask is applied and left to absorb, your therapist starts on your hair and head, combing oil through gently and administering a wonderful head massage. Finally, your hands and arms get a bit of attention too before The Cream is applied to your face lightly with fairy fingertips. When the mirror is held up after your treatment, you’ll look hydrated, glowing and contoured – perhaps with a pinkish blush, which will calm after an hour or two (it’s only a sign the products are doing their job). Treat yourself to the products to use at home too. They’re a game changer.

BOOK IT: The Augustinus Bader Exclusive Bulgari Facial (90 mins) is available at The Bulgari Spa at Bulgari Hotel London, £350. For more information, visit

Augustinus Bader products at Bulgari Hotel London

Bespoke CACI Synergy Facial at Lisa Franklin Clinic Privé

CACI facials are loved by A-listers all over the world, from Kim Kardashian to Jennifer Aniston and Elizabeth Debicki. Renowned for its non-surgical lifting effects, the treatment has been around for over 25 years – with continued research and upgrades to the equipment ensuring it remains a market leader. The latest system is CACI’s most advanced yet: CACI Synergy, which promises to deliver better and more long-lasting results than ever before. You can try it at the London flagship Lisa Franklin Clinic Privé, a beautifully designed skin sanctuary in the heart of Knightsbridge. Upon arrival, your therapist will discuss any skin concerns with you to help tailor your facial. The CACI technology can be customised based on individual needs – whether your skin needs some extra exfoliation, is sun damaged or you want to focus on wrinkle reduction. CACI Synergy benefits from S.P.E.D (Simultaneous Photo Electrical Delivery), which delivers LED skin rejuvenation at the same time as microcurrent facial toning. There’s no pain involved – in fact it feels relaxing, helped by the calm surroundings of the clinic. Afterwards, you’ll be glowing, with your face appearing more lifted, particularly around the cheekbones. You can expect the effects to last for a couple of days – though regular treatments are recommended for long-term benefits.

BOOK IT NOW: | +44 (0) 20 7752 0217 | 251 Brompton Road, London SW3 2EP

CACI Facial

AlumierMD Radiant 20/10 Peel at Radiance London

Situated on a quaint walkway, Radiance London is an oasis of calm in the heart of the lively Fitzrovia, with four treatment rooms to indulge in their extensive range of luxurious treatments. From manicures and hair removal to facials and Dermapen™ micro needling, it is no wonder the boutique is a hot spot for star-studded guests. Looking for a beauty transformation during the cold winter months? Then try the AlumierMD Radiant 20/10 peel which reduces acne pimples and minimises the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, hyperpigmentation, and sun damage. Relax as a nourishing mask is massaged into your skin containing a soothing mixture of antioxidants and moisture for plump and soft skin. The multipurpose resurfacing peel is then applied gently to your face, containing a powerful combination of lactic and salicylic acid, left for five minutes to thoroughly exfoliate any dead skin cells and improve cell turnover. Melt into an hour of pure bliss as layers of product are soaked into the skin including a vitamin A boost and a detox clear peel. You’ll emerge from the peel with dewy, bright skin and the friendly team of skilled therapists will ensure you leave with a smile on your face.

BOOK IT NOW: AlumierMD Radiant 20/10 Peel for £99;

Radiance London

Bespoke Facial at Re:lax

In just an hour Katie’s fingers work your face into a hydrated, clean, glowing masterpiece. The holistic skin-care specialist has a long list of impressive credentials that assure you that your skin is in good hands; Katie is a trained massage therapist, reflexologist, aromatherapist and facialist, of course. Rather than the traditional menu list, treatments are person-centric and decided upon after a friendly consultation in the tranquil studio. The facial itself is conducted on a heated massage bed (that you’ll want to take home with you) and include a deep cleanse, custom mask, her signature lymphatic massage as well as more modern techniques like LED light therapy – all using natural, ethical products from luxury brands like Pai, Skin + Tonic and Haeckels. Post-facial, Katie takes the time to sit down with you and offer some insight into the mysteries of your skin, how you can improve your skincare routine and what lifestyle changes should be on your agenda. Before you leave, make sure to book in your next appointment – chances are you’ll become regular after the first session.

BOOK IT NOW: 60-minute Bespoke Facial for £85;

Katie White Re-lax

LAM Acne & Blemish Medical Facial

Step one in any of Dr Uliana’s facials, and perhaps the most valuable is her hyper-personalised consultation, in which she discusses skin tone, type and texture plus a thorough analysis of bone structure and potential ageing trajectory. With so many aesthetic doctors and treatments tailored toward instant gratification, this really sets LAM apart. The Acne & Blemish Medical Facial is the ultimate exfoliating and resurfacing treatment to combat maskne, breakouts, congested or problem skin, and the results are instant and long-lasting. A course of treatments is recommended for optimum results. Read our full review of the LAM Acne & Blemish Medical Facial here.

BOOK IT NOW: From £650 per treatment;

Repair Recover Renew at Lisa Franklin Clinic Privé

Lisa’s gorgeous new private clinic is beautifully situated, on Brompton Road in Knightsbridge, with light-filled, stylish rooms that you’ll feel immediately comfortable in. You can further relax, safe in the knowledge that your skin is in good hands here with Lisa and her team. The clinic is by appointment only and staff are following the highest standards of safety procedures. All treatments are tailored to suit your individual skin needs, so you can guarantee a bespoke approach (and results that show it). The signature facial focuses on cleansing and protecting your complexion and restoring vitality. A Rose Quartz lymphatic massage is a great way to complete the treatment, and we’d recommend upgrading your treatment to include Lisa’s oxygen therapy utilising Oxyjet Leo Air. Either way, your skin will look instantly brighter, feel softer and smoother and you’ll feel revived and relaxed. There’s no down-time and you’ll leave looking fresh-faced and glowing, so this is a great pre-event facial, too. All treatments use Lisa’s signature sustainable products from her eponymous brand; her serums are tailored to suit different skin needs. We love her No.2 Serum to clear and restore.

BOOK IT NOW: Repair Recover Renew at Lisa Franklin Clinic Privé, from £125,; +44 (0) 20 7752 0217 | 251 Brompton Road, London SW3 2EP

Repair Recover Renew at Lisa Franklin Clinic Privé

111CRYO Rejuvenation Facial at Harrods Wellness Clinic

Thought cryotherapy was just for the body? Think again. Once the sole remit of the sporting elite, the increasingly popular treatment sees the body exposed to below-freezing temperatures, proven to aid with an impressive roster of health concerns. Among the benefits are increased collagen production, anti-ageing and improved circulation – so it naturally followed that the clever people at 111Skin developed a state-of-the-art cryotherapy facial. The targeted treatment applies -30°C cooled air and pure CO2 to the face to rejuvenate and revive the skin, in between luxurious creams, tinctures and massages that are tailored to your individual needs – all in the ultra-plush treatment rooms complete with heated beds, calming low lights and chilled music to boot. The cryotherapy element is not as terrifying as it sounds – you quickly get used to the cold feeling, and the only minor winces occur when the cryo-wand hits a part of the face that is especially dehydrated (if anything, a reminder of how important it is to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!). Plus, it’s all worth it when you emerge from the haven that is Harrods Wellness Clinic visibly refreshed and serene, with that ‘can’t-quite-put-my-finger-on-it’ ethereal glow. The sense of calm may not last past the shop floor, but this brilliant facial’s effects certainly will.

BOOK IT NOW: 60-minute Signature Cryotherapy Rejuvenation Face Treatment for £250;

111cryo Facial

Vitamin Infusion Facial at Seed to Skin

This is one for those who like to know that what’s going on their face is as natural as possible; Seed to Skin is centred around a harmonious marriage between all-natural ingredients and advanced science. The products are all handcrafted within a state-of-the-art laboratory on their Tuscan Borgo Santo Pietro Estate that dates back to 1129. Alongside effective products, the acclaimed skincare brand offers luxury facials – if you know where to look. Hiding in plain sight on Liberty’s busy beauty floor, make your way to the Seed to Skin counter where your facialist will be waiting to take you upstairs to Liberty’s secluded beauty rooms. Once inside, an in-depth consultation puts any wariness about sensitive skin at ease, before you relax onto the table and succumb to the magic touch of the facialist. The menu of treatments makes it hard to choose just one, but The Vitamin Infusion is its pièce de résistance, and perfectly exemplifies the brand’s science-nature focus. Using cutting edge skin therapy involving a light electrical field, face mapping, a little tingly feeling, and more things that we don’t quite understand but can definitely vouch for, the natural serums penetrate deeper into the skin allowing for enhanced results and a face that’s visibly plumped, smoothed and with fine lines reduced. For a treatment more geared towards hydration specifically, the Black Magic facial incorporates a unique oxygen therapy to leave you with a post-holiday glow sans the sun damage. 

BOOK IT NOW: 60-minute Vitamin Infusion Facial for £175; [email protected]

Seed to Skin treatment - The Ritual

The Valmont Facial at Hotel Café Royal

Piccadilly Circus is an onslaught to the senses, which is why the presence of Akasha spa is so unexpected – blink once and you may even miss its inconspicuous entrance. Once taken down in a lift to the subterranean spa, you’ll feel yourself enveloped in a cocoon of serenity, the hordes of tourists all but a distant memory. To pair the relaxation with skin rejuvenation, opt for the new Valmont Purity Facial (or any Valmont treatment for that matter) where you’ll melt into a pleasantly heated massage bed as a skilled therapist applies all the potions and solutions necessary for long-lasting effects and a holiday-without-the-holiday glow. In no fewer than 12 steps that include pre-cleansing and extraction if necessary, the Valmont products are delivered deep into the layers of the skin, oxygenating and detoxifying to improve circulation. Finally, a cooling collagen mask is applied to help smooth, plump and reduce fine lines. If the weather has your skin looking a little dull and lacklustre, the Valmont Purity Facial is the perfect pick-me-up. After your treatment, spend a few hours (or the whole day) lying prostrate in various areas of the spa, whether that’s the hammam, sauna, steam, jacuzzi, meditation room, relaxation area, or Akasha’s pièce de résistance; an 18m dimly lit pool surrounded by daybeds. As with any cocoon, you’ll emerge from a Valmont Facial at Akasha a whole new person, rejuvenated and sporting a youthful radiance, plus baby soft skin…

BOOK IT NOW: 60-minute Valmont Purity Facial for £220; [email protected]; 60-minute Valmont Energy Facial for £220;


111SKIN Facial at 111 Harley St

Harley Street is an iconic if intimidating address. One immediately thinks of London’s elite going under the knife, but in addition to surgical procedures, the clinic, founded by the acclaimed Dr Yannis Alexandrides, also offers less invasive but equally effective facial treatments. Behind its red doors is a medical but comfortable atmosphere which, while may not relax you like the typical twinkly spa music, will definitely reassure you that your face is in expert hands. Your mind is further put at ease during an in-depth consultation with your therapist. If the prognosis is dehydration, sensitivity and rosacea – laser is the answer. Definitely not as scary as it sounds, the treatment involves a gentle laser, topical peel and hydration mask. The therapist explains how the laser penetrates the superficial skin layers to encourage collagen production, cell renewal and increase cell turnover as the handheld device is guided across your face. Just a minute or two into the process, all worries about pain are firmly set aside. The laser treatment is followed by a gentle peel to slough away dead skin, and an ample application of the Repair Serum from the clinic’s beloved 111Skin skincare line. You’ll leave rejuvenated, if slightly red for an hour or so, with skin that’ll only continue to improve in the following few days. While there are no fuzzy slippers or plunge pools in sight, you’ll find yourself returning to 111 Harley Street time and time again because you can trust you’ll receive a highly-effective treatment at the hands of a skilled professional with little or no down-time required. The laser facials are definitely on the more expensive end of things at £400 a pop, but hey, skincare is an investment… 

BOOK IT NOW: 111SKIN Facial, price dependent on treatment;


Signature Facial Acupuncture at Dr. John Tsagaris Clinic

Dr Tsagaris has over 20 years’ experience in traditional Chinese medicine and human bioscience and is a pioneer in cosmetic acupuncture, and currently works out of the Harrods Wellness Clinic in London. So much more than just a facial, a treatment with Dr Tsagaris is a health journey. It just also happens to lead to a glowing complexion – the perfect kind of TLC if you ask me. After a thorough consultation, my skin was prepared. A combination of facial acupressure, shiatsu and a silver derma-roller Chinese tool (with no needles) alleviates muscular tension, activates facial energy channels and reduces fluid retention, allowing the nourishing actives of the mask to penetrate deeper into the skin. Before Dr Tsagaris performed his signature beauty acupuncture on my face and body (with painless insertion) followed by facial cupping and lymphatic drainage. I felt and looked years younger – with restored energy and a plump, glowing complexion.

BOOK IT NOW: 60-minute Signature Beauty Facial Acupuncture for £450; 

Beautiful young woman with eyes closed receiving acupuncture therapy

The Egyptian Facial by Dr David Jack

Dermaplanning has gained popularity in the beauty industry in recent years, though its roots date back many years – rumour has it Cleopatra maintained her even complexion by regular milk and fruit acid peels combined with face shaving. Medical doctor Dr David Jack has reintroduced this ancient technique in his private clinic with a treatment designed to resurface and refine the skin of the face and neck. The treatment takes around 30-45 minutes, beginning with a fruit-based glycolic acid peel followed by a gentle shaving of the top layer of the skin. This allows products to penetrate the skin, ultimately resulting in improved cell turnover and a brighter complexion.

BOOK IT NOW: The Egyptian Facial with dermaplaning starts at £250, while dermaplaning on its own starts at £150.

Customised Laser Facial at Pulse Light Clinic

Have you noticed a change in your skin with wrinkles, pigmentation, age spots, acne scars or melasma? Laser facials are among the most popular non-surgical treatments for improving the skin’s health and appearance. At Pulse Light Clinic, laser has many uses besides hair removal: it’s also used to rejuvenate the face. The wide range of laser technology available allows different skin types to be targeted by filtering light through wavelengths. The Pico lasers are great for targeting pigmentation and melasma, while the IPL M22 helps with blemishes, ageing and redness. The ICON laser, meanwhile, helps with deeper acne scars and surgical scars. 

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Photo by Jacob Hilton