5 Ways to Live More Conciously

By Rebecca Cox

4 years ago

Mindfulness book 'Wake Up' tells us how to escape a life on autopilot

Worried that you’re living a life on autopilot? Use this critical period to observe conscious living and begin a more mindful life. The book Wake Up! gives simple exercises and ideas to help you live life more fully.

5 Exercises for Conscious Living

Handwrite a Letter

Write a letter to somebody you care about and explain to them why you are grateful for them being in your life. It’s a simple but incredibly powerful exercise and most people who do it once make it a regular part of their week. A form of journaling but with the extra added benefit of making another person feel good about themselves!

How to meditate

Dance Like Nobody Is Watching

It is well known that dancing has huge benefits to us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Research has proven that regular dancing can delay dementia and contributes fantastically to our overall well-being. So find a time in your day to put on your favourite tune and lose yourself to the music, guaranteed to help you Wake Up!

Wake Up One Hour Earlier

Many people complain about not having enough time in their lives to do the things they really want to. So this week wake up one hour earlier and do those things that you believe will make your heart soar. It may be that you want to play the guitar, write some poetry, go for a long walk or finish that book proposal that’s been on your desk for months. You can then decide whether it’s so important to you that you make time for it in the future or not. Either way, life will be sweeter.


Endless consumption is a key indicator that we are living on autopilot. Our survival instinct makes us feel hungry for things we don’t need as buying things is a way of us avoiding connecting into what really counts in our lives. Try buying only food and water (excluding travel and essential medical supplies) and see if this wakes you up to the world around you.

Stand Up

One hundred years ago, only 10 per cent of us had sedentary jobs. Today that number is more like 90 per cent. Sitting down all day is having a huge impact on our health and energy. This week, when you are working, spend as much time as you can standing up or walking around. Small amounts of regular movement help us keep the conscious brain firing. Even if it is a break every hour to walk briefly or a makeshift desk with cardboard boxes to give you added height, see how moving changes your state every day.

Extract taken from Wake Up! Wake Up! the book is published by Penguin Life and Wake Up! the app is available at The App Store and Google Playwww.barez-brown.com @barezbrown