15 Daily Face SPF Creams To Protect & Hydrate

By Rebecca Cox

9 months ago

Always wear sunscreen.

There’s a reason skincare experts and dermatologists are always going on about sunscreen. Wearing a daily face SPF could be the single most important step in your skincare regime. But which one is best for your skin type? From classic high-protection face creams to SPF-rich foundations and tints, we’ve found some of the best beauty buys on the market.

The Best Face SPF Creams For All Skin Types

Sunscreen is the single most important step in your daily skincare regime, all year round, and not just to protect your skin from harmful UVB rays. As you may know, there are two main types of UV rays that we need to be aware of. UVB rays, which get the worst press, are the ones that can cause burning and increase the risks of skin cancer. UVA rays, which can also penetrate clouds and windows, make up 95 percent of UV radiation that reaches the earth, and are the ones that contribute to premature skin ageing due to their ability to penetrate deeply into the skin and contribute to DNA damage via the creation of free radicals. Not only does daily application of a face SPF reduce your risk of sun damage and photoaging, but studies suggest that it could also help to reverse or reduce the damage.

The Ultimate SPF Guide

Does It Do What It Says On The Tin?

Some studies have suggested that almost all sunscreens underperform against their advertised SPF rating, however, the same study showed that layering sunscreen with makeup could compensate for the shortfall. Therefore, wearing sunscreen underneath your makeup as a daily ritual, or even layering two different sunscreens could be a good daily practice.

Main image: by Jakob Owens on Unsplash