Ask The Expert: Tips For Healthy Hair From Trichologist Simone Thomas

By Nathalie Eleni

3 years ago

How to get sleek and shiny locks

Trichologist Simone Thomas shares her tips for glossy hair.

Ask The Expert: Tips For Healthy Hair From Trichologist Simone Thomas


Time To Prune

Known to be rich in both in the dynamic copper and zinc – prunes have become my new superhero when it comes to maintaining a healthy head of hair. Sufficient levels of copper have been proven to help prevent hair loss and contribute to hair thickness. Copper is also thought to help intensify hair colour and prevent premature greying.  Super indeed! With zinc playing avery important role in the production of new cells (including hair cells).

Excess Stress

Stress hormones constrict the blood supply to the scalp and hair follicles, reducing their supply of nutrients!  This can lead to generalised hair thinning or even patchy hair loss. I’m seeing more and more clients suffering from these ailments and I advise them at times of excess stress to massage the scalp to improve circulation to hair follicles.

When we are stressed, gut health is important and should be one off the top priorities we look after daily. Every single one of us will have times that are very stressful. When stress becomes a long-term or intense part of life, this can have negative impacts upon the body. Stress over time can cause your body to move into survival mode which can then start to have adverse effects, particularly on our hair. Survival mode diverts all essential vitamins and minerals away from the hair, skin, immune and digestive systems so that these can protect vital organs from the shock of stress. During times of stress and anxiety, vitamin B is even more essential due to the metabolism of our cells including those in our immune and nervous system.

Your Skin Is A Map Of Your Gut

It may seem to have no connection however it’s been scientifically proven that your gut is directly connected to your skin. Your body is doing you a favour as you can’t see how healthy your gut is, just look in the mirror to see if there are any issues with your diet. Make small changes and keep track of how you feel look changes. Heal the gut, and your skin’s impurities will diminish. Remember the scalp is an extension of your face so if you don’t look after your skin your scalp won’t look after your hair.

Feed Your Hair

Your healthy hair is a mirror of your health and reflects what you eat and what nutrients are reaching your scalp. Of course, a visit to the salon will obviously restore the condition of your hair – but if you really want a long-term glossy mane – you must treat it internally as well as externally.

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With a protein rich diet hair can repair itself, grow thicker and stronger. Sources of protein include lean meat, fish, eggs, tofu, avocados, and beans. Dairy products also offer fatty acids which are a benefit to your hairs’ shine and strength. For those who are on a restricted diet or don’t have enough protein daily then you should look to take Simone Thomas Wellness supplements as a daily cheat sheet to make sure you are getting the correct vitamins, minerals, and botanicals.


Biotin supplements cannot only help to slow down hair loss, but they also improve the quality of weak fingernails by 25%.

Iron Maidens

As with our skin, healthy hair is dependent on a diet that is rich in a range of beneficial nutrients and deficiencies in our diet can impact on the condition of our hair and scalp. The roots of our hair are fed by an extensive network of tiny blood vessels in the scalp which carry oxygen and nutrients. If our diets are lacking in iron the scalp may not receive adequate nutrients and oxygen leaving your hair appearing dull, brittle, and fragile. It’s essential therefor to include good sources of iron into your daily diet, for example leafy greens, fish and whole grains.

Your New Best Friend

Nothing beautifies your skin and hair more than sleep. Aim for an average of 8 hours a night and you’ll not only start to look and feel younger – your skin will appear a lot more refreshed, and your hair will grow.

Healthy Hair, Happy Body by Simone Thomas – the ultimate resource to help you rediscover your body, hair, and skin health – is out now. 

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