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Heartfulness – 2017’s wellness buzzword explained

Move over mindfulness, 2017 is all about following your heart.

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When it comes to wellness in 2017, it’s all about letting your heart decide… This year, heartfulness takes over where mindfulness left off, and we’ve got five ways to practice heartfulness in your everyday life.

Heartfulness Wellness & Mindfulness

What is heartfulness?

The practice of heartfulness is about a state of being led from your heart space, rather than your mind.

“Life pressures can often get to us to the point that we cannot think straight or at all at times. On a physical plane, when we come across a sign ‘road closed’, we find an alternative route. Similarly, when our mind gets overloaded and temporarily closed, we can find an alternative path to wisdom by connecting to our heart.” – Akcelina Cvijetic, leading heartfulness expert.

It is thought that the practice has been largely overlooked in the West due to the belief that reason is superior to feeling, but 2017 could be the year to follow your heart. Ready to be more heartful? Akcelina Cvijetic gives us five ways to practice the wellness trend.

5 ways to practice heartfulness

  1. Cultivate heartful awareness

“Even five minutes a day will help you cultivate heartfelt serenity and inner guidance. Instead of focusing on your breath or mindful awareness place the focus on your heart. If your mind wanders just bring the focus back on the heart. Upon completion of your heartful awareness meditation, take some time to reflect on it.”

  1. Practice heart breathing

“Find a comfortable seat and begin to relax by closing your eyes and focusing on your breath. Visualise your breath’s journey into your heart space. Notice any sensations, images and insights that arise. Record your experience in your daily journal.”

  1. Connect to true love

“Lie down and close your eyes. Bring to mind the most loving relationship in your life (child, partner, friend, pet). See yourself through their eyes, the eyes of love. Notice what they love about you. Allow the feelings of love to fill your heart and spread all over your body until you feel completely enveloped in love. Enjoy being held by love. Return to wakefulness in your own time bringing with you the feeling of love.”

  1. Nurture heartfelt emotions

“Set a daily intention to demonstrate more kindness, compassion and care in your personal and professional relationships. Express a genuine wish for another person’s wellbeing. Replace your daily judgements with loving compassion. Treat everybody with more kindness including yourself.”

  1. Tap into the power of heartful engagement 

“The way we engage with the world has a profound impact on our wellbeing, results we achieve and people around us. When we engage from a heartfelt place, our connection is more authentic and impactful. It upgrades our life to a greater way of living and contributes to a better world for everyone.”

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