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Bright Young Thing: Q&A with Jennifer Kirby

The actor on her beauty favourites

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Nathalie Eleni meets actor Jennifer Kirby

Bright Young Thing: Jennifer Kirby


Jennifer Kirby

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

The first thing I see is that my right front tooth is chipped (it has been since I was 20), and I think “should I finally get that fixed?” And then I think, “no can’t be bothered”.

What do you love about your face now that you didn’t before?

My nose! As a teenager I always wanted a tiny weeny Keira Knightly nose, but as I’ve grown older I’ve come to actually love it. My fellow actor friend Nia, while we were on a job together, always described people’s noses as beautiful, especially if they were quirky looking. That was the start of my changing relationship with my own hooter. It’s characterful, not tiny, and beautiful.

Do you have a beauty ritual?

Up until about a year ago no. I’d slap on a face mask every now and then and feel like I’d done the job. Recently, I’ve started up a proper skincare routine, and it’s very therapeutic. It makes me feel like I’m devoting some time to myself every evening, and that feels like a little meditation. It’s lovely.

When do you feel most yourself?

When I’m working. On a set or in rehearsals. I feel completely concentrated and fulfilled.

What’s a beauty tip you swear by?

Whatever you do, take your make-up off before bed. I haven’t many, many times because I’m lazy, and it doesn’t have positive results.

How do you relax after a long day on set?

Sleep immediately. I love sleep and am very good at it.

What’s your signature look?

I don’t think I have one. I think I first realised I wanted to be an actor because I wanted to dress differently every day. Some days I love being super glamorous, and others l can’t feel comfortable in anything other than no make-up and my boyfriend’s T-shirts (well, most days really).

Desert island beauty must-haves?

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, hair oil, and sun cream.

How has your idea of beauty changed as you’ve got older?

I now really understand that beauty is in our differences and characterful features. I also think wrinkles are wonderful on a woman and should be celebrated, not prevented at all costs.

Hero product?

Powder. As all the wonderful Call the Midwife make-up ladies can attest, I am the shiniest person on set. Powder is essential (I use a Chanel compact in the day to feel fancy).

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