OSKIA: Award-Winning, Pioneering Bio-Nutritional Skincare that Alleviates Skin Concerns

By CTH Editors

5 months ago

Science-based skincare that really works

OSKIA is an entry in our Great British Brands 2024 book. 

OSKIA: Great British Brand 2024

‘The inspiration for OSKIA was my own story. As a teenager, I damaged my knees so badly skiing that my prognosis for ever being able to regain full fitness was very poor. My father suggested I try MSM, a sulphur supplement he was using to treat racehorses with mobility problems. It cured my joints and, remarkably, my acne too.

Fifteen years later, after a career in journalism, I remembered the extraordinary results I’d experienced from accidentally finding the right nutrient and the confidence clear skin gave me, so decided to create skincare products that would improve the complexion. I spent several years working with dermatologists, scientists, nutritionists and doctors to discover the most effective vitamins, minerals and bio-actives and how to make them function in the skin’s cells. Finally, in 2010, we launched OSKIA. Our pioneering nutritional approach stood out, even in a congested marketplace.

Oskia founder Georgie Cleeve and man

I describe our products as bio-nutritional because they are packed with nutrients and actives the body can absorb, recognise, and use to alleviate skin conditions. Our Violet Water range reduces acne by 35 percent in two weeks. We have an exciting year ahead. We are launching a clinic at a prestigious hotel in the north of England, and are focusing more on tech-led innovations, such as LED light, pure oxygen, and cryotherapy, which uses low temperatures to stimulate skin regeneration. Technology is the key to innovation, but I remain sceptical about AI. I know it’s becoming the norm, and certainly it will hugely support our growth in some areas, but we will never use it as a customer relations tool. People need to hear a human voice when they phone us, and to receive advice from someone who’ll help them find the products that will improve their skin condition and therefore their confidence.’

Georgie Cleeve, Founder

Oskia product pot

Five Proudest Moments

  1. Creating and releasing our best-selling Renaissance Cleansing Gel in 2014. Rich in vitamins C and E, omega 6, starflower oil, pumpkin enzymes, chamomile and rose, we sell one every seven minutes.
  2. Launching our award-winning CityLife range in 2016, the first-ever collection of products that has been clinically proven to protect the skin against pollution.
  3. Winning our 200th product and brand award in 2022. Since then, we have collected dozens more, including for our Violet Water acne range. We now have close to 250 awards.
  4. Deepening our partnership with the Mandarin Oriental Hotel group in 2023 by launching OSKIA’s treatments and products in their Hong Kong flagship property.
  5. Celebrating our tenth anniversary in 2023, working with Space NK, the UK’s go-to retailer and hub for innovative beauty brands.

Model putting oil on her face

What I’ve Learnt… 

  • Establishing an emotional connection with your customers is critical. The best way to do that is to be authentic.
  • Remain true to your values. We never waiver from our foundational principles – honesty, sustainability and innovation.
  • Create a strong identity that becomes part of your DNA. Without it you won’t succeed in a crowded marketplace.


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