Sensai: The Japanese Skincare Brand You Need On Your Radar

By Ellie Smith

3 years ago

New eye care products to add to your basket, plus the pioneering skin analysis tool to check out

Lockdown taught us a number of lessons, one being the importance of self-care. Stripped of our normal routines, finding daily rituals – however small – became pivotal: a way to re-centre our minds in an uncertain world. For many, this was finding the perfect skincare routine – investing in products that not only deliver unparalleled results, but make you feel better. And while lockdown may be over, life is busier than ever – which means finding moments of calm is crucial for our wellbeing.

This ethos sits at the heart of Japanese beauty brand SENSAI. It advocates a ritual called Saho, inspired by the code of etiquette for the Japanese tea ceremony, which highlights the importance of doing things the right way, in the right order to achieve flawless silky skin.

The brand’s hero ingredient is Koishimaru Silk, a fibre once reserved for the Imperial Family. In the early 20th century, The House of SENSAI discovered the youthful hands of the silk weavers – and after further research, found a way to introduce silk molecules into skincare. Koishimaru Silk has ample benefits for the skin, such as minimising dullness, improving the skin’s barrier function – therefore preventing moisture loss – and promoting its own hyaluronic acid synthesis.


You can explore SENSAI’s collection on its recently launched e-shop. The skincare range includes everything from cleansers to sun care – plus an exciting new collection of eye care products.

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The Total Eye Treatment is the brand’s first dual approach eye treatment, featuring both an essence and a cream. The innovative product uses cooling and warming techniques to reduce the look of wrinkles and fine lines, therefore making eyes appear more toned and youthful. For maximum benefit, apply the Melty Rich Eye Cream in the morning as the final step in your skincare routine, using the brand’s unique massaging technique. This SENSAI massage method is inspired by shiatsu, an ancient Japanese acupressure technique that helps reinvigorate the eye-expanding zone to ease the look of puffiness and dark circles, whilst the pearl pigments awaken eyes for a fresh, wide-open look. Then, in the evening, apply the Refreshing Eye Essence using the nickel-free ball applicator, to the eye contour and forehead, to cool and relax the eye-expanding zone before re-applying the warming eye cream.


Another product worth shouting about is the new Lash Conditioner, which works like a conditioning mask to nurture healthy lashes and protect them from damage.


Protein-bonding properties work to provide density and stability to the lash hairs, reinforcing and fixing their upward curl. This is best applied before evening skincare, lifting your eyelashes from roots to tips with the brush.


Looking for tailored skincare advice? Step into the future with SENSAI’s new Silk Skin Checker, part of its digital counselling offering. Powered by artificial intelligence, this pioneering analysis tool collects data using a smartphone camera or laptop webcam to measure the skin across five categories: moisture, spots, wrinkles, texture and dark circles. From this, it then proposes a skincare regime alongside movies to demonstrate the correct ways to use the products.

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Though SENSAI uses some of the most advanced skincare technology around, it’s also committed to the principles of traditional Japanese philosophy. It couples science with nature, creating products that are designed to work in harmony with your body – and make you feel good inside and out.

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