Meet The Fruity Manicure Taking Over Salons This Spring

By Charlie Colville

4 weeks ago

Strawberries are back in season

It might not be 2023 anymore, but the Strawberry Girl aesthetic is still going strong – or it is in the salons, at least. Strawberry nails are becoming a go-to manicure as we slip into spring, and we’re keen to give the fruity trend a whirl.

What Are Strawberry Nails?

Much like its previous iterations in fashion and makeup, the strawberry aesthetic, when applied to your manicure, consists of soft-hued pink nails decorated in fruity motifs of all shapes and sizes. If it sounds familiar, it’s because this is a returning trend from 2023 – when Hailey Bieber’s ‘strawberry girl summer’ ruled most of the season.

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‘This nail design is coming to the forefront this spring, thanks to the queen of trends herself, Hailey Bieber,’ says Nick Drewe, a trend expert and founder of WeThrift. ‘Strawberry nails are a subtle yet fun way to switch up a simple manicure or French tip. With spring often symbolising a time for growth and renewal in nature, strawberry nails are a cute nod to the time of year as we welcome more sunshine.’

And it seems we’re not the only ones to take notice. Nick noted a 580 percent uptick in searches for ‘strawberry nails’ on Pinterest over the last few weeks, and on TikTok views for the search term #3dstrawberrynail have surpassed 103 million.

So, how’s best to try out the trend at home? ‘You can get creative and customise this trend to suit your preferences. Opt for a similar style to Hailey Bieber, with mini strawberries dotted across two of your nails, or choose a single strawberry for your ring finger for a more subtle look,’ suggests Nick.

How To Request Them At The Salon

Ahead of your nail appointment, we’d suggest doing a little bit of research; there are hundreds of ways you can wear strawberry nails, so you’ll want to look around to see which style you like best. This also makes it easier on your nail tech, who will then have a much better idea of the specifics of the design you’re after.

How To Recreate Strawberry Nails At Home

There are a few styles you can try at home when it comes to strawberry nails – we’ve outlines some of our favourite tutorials below:

Mini Strawberries

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For teeny tiny strawberries, you’ll need a dotting tool and a fine line brush. Once you’ve applied your base coat of choice and are ready to add your strawbs, use the dotting tool to create a small, heart shape and then use the fine line brush to recreate the small, leafy bit on top. Go back in again with the dotting tool again, using black, white or light yellow this time, to add tiny seeds to your strawberries.

Strawberry Tips

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Perfect for almond nails, this strawberry nail design works with the shape of the nail to create the iconic fruit. Simply paint the tips of your nails red, with a wider, rounded shape nearer the nail bed – the ‘bottom’ of your strawberry will sit at the tip of each nail – and then use a fine line brush to add the green leaves and seeds.

3D Strawberries

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And now for something a little more technical. For this 3D nail art, you’ll want to start by painting the entire nail red and then use a fine line brush for the seeds. Once dry, you can go over the red space – make sure not to cover the ‘seeds’ – with a clear gel or nail glue; if using a clear gel, you might need to cure it between coats so that it dries in the correct shape. This might take a few layers, but the result you want is a dimpled effect like the surface of a strawberry. Once dry, finish with a clear top coat.

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Featured image: Hanne Hoogendam, Unsplash