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The must know aesthetic doctors for your contact book

When it comes to aesthetic medicine, it’s not what you have but who you see that matters most. Whether you’re looking for facials or fillers, with these doctors you can guarantee that you’re in safe hands. Find an expert from our vetted list of aesthetic wizards who specialise in everything from non-surgical facial lifting to subtle skin enhancements.

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The C&TH Aesthetic Doctor Directory

Dr Aggie Zatonska

Known for her undetectable work, it has made Dr Aggie Zatonska one of the most called-for injectors in Surrey. A former ENT surgeon, Zatonska prefers a 360-degree approach and will combine injectables with newer modalities that deliver exceptional skin quality over the long term.

BOOK: @atelier.dr.aggie;

Dr Ahmed El Muntasar

Dr Ahmed is an impressive figure within the health industry. The youngest ever medical student at St Andrews University, he completed 12 courses in aesthetics by the time he was 26 and won three awards at the British Aesthetics Awards in 2020. He believes deeply in a patient-centered approach.

BOOK: @theaestheticsdoctor;

Dr Alexis Granite

With a medical degree from the prestigious Weill Cornell Medical School in New York City, Dr Alexis is board-certified in dermatology in the US and a Dermatologist in the UK. Her practice spans skin biopsies to aesthetic injectables and she is one of the most recommended skin doctors in London.
BOOK: @dralexisgranite;

Mr Alex Karidis

Having performed over 20,000 cosmetic operations in the last 27 years, Mr Karidis is an expert at facelifts and facial rejuvenation procedures. He has spent years perfecting an award-winning invisible technique. He also performs body contouring and breast surgery, including male breast reduction.

BOOK: @karidis_london;

Dr Ariel Haus

A genius with lasers, dermatologist Dr Haus and his entire staff are renowned for their professional and welcoming manner at his state of the art clinic on Harley Street. From specific concerns like acne and rosacea to holistic aesthetic treatments, Dr Haus is the king of skin.

BOOK: @drarielhaus;

Dr Ashwin Soni

A GMC-registered plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr Soni specialises in injectable procedures like non-surgical rhinoplasty. He is trusted for his medically safe and aesthetically pleasing results.

BOOK: @thesoniclinic;

Dr Christine Hall

A GMC-registered GP, Hall is also a former pharmacist with a passion for skincare. She makes frequent trips to Seoul where skincare and aesthetics are at the cutting edge and, astonishingly, continues to work as an emergency medicine doctor and GP alongside her aesthetic work.

BOOK: @drchristinehall;

Dr David Jack

With his delicate touch, you’ll never look overdone. If you’re nervous about injectables, he’s your go-to guy for natural-looking results. 

BOOK: @drdavidjack;

Dr Dean Rhobaye

Dr Rhobaye has developed a bespoke method of facial harmonisation using dermal fillers and neurotoxins to achieve beautiful results. Winner of the non-surgical facial beautification category at the annual Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress awards, Rhobaye is undoubtedly a cut above your average injector. 

BOOK: @deanrhobaye; 

Dr Deepti Kolli

A cosmetic dermatologist, Dr Kolli is a specialist in injectables and state-of-the-art treatments such as personalised PRP (platelet rich plasma) and mesotherapy to rejuvenate the skin.


Dr Frances Prenna Jones

Known for her red light therapy to give skin an ever-fresh glow, Dr Prenna Jones is rumoured to have treated a number of high profile models and celebrities.

BOOK: @drfrancesprennajones; 

Mr Georgios Orfaniotis

Mention the deep plane facelift and Orfaniotis’s name inevitably comes up. With a plastic surgery fellowship from
the Royal College of Surgeons, Mr Orfaniotis is on the GMC specialist register for plastic surgery. He has over 15 years’ experience in some of the most advanced facial rejuvenation techniques.

BOOK: @dr_georgios_orfaniotis;

Dr Georgina Williams

A co-founder of Montrose London, Dr Williams is a consultant plastic surgeon and fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, specialising in facial and breast plastic surgery and microsurgery. She divides her time between her NHS surgical practice and her private clinic at Montrose where she focuses on non-surgical work such as Botox and fillers.

BOOK: @drgeorginawilliams;

Mr Hagen Schumacher

A highly qualified plastic and reconstructive surgeon and a well-regarded NHS consultant, Mr Schumacher specialises in breast surgery, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, chin alterations and facelifts. His guiding principle is to improve the confidence and self-esteem of his patients.

BOOK: @hagenschumacher;

Dr Galyna Selezneva

A whizz with the world’s leading high-tech machines, Dr Galyna is the beauty insider’s trusted body guru. From firming jowls to sculpting love handles and tightening down there, her expertise and warm bedside manner make her unique.

BOOK: @dr_galyna;

Dr Ifeoma Ejikeme

Dr Ejikeme’s Instagram feed is a landing place for targeted skincare advice including the lowdown on the most-asked about ingredients, like retinol, to pregnancy skincare advice. She offers state-of-the-art treatments from PRP (platelet rich plasma) for hair loss to microneedling for skin rejuvenation and can’t-tell lip filler, as well as specific treatments for men.

BOOK: @dr_ifeoma_ejikeme;

Dr Joanna Christou

Being a dual qualified dentist and medical doctor has enabled Dr Christou to pursue a special interest in facial musculature when performing non-surgical procedures and creating the discrete, holistic results she is renowned for. 

BOOK: @DrJChristou; 

Dr Johanna Ward

An awarding-winning cosmetic doctor, GP and expert in cosmetic laser, Dr Ward is a leading figure in the science of preventative anti-aging medicine from both a clinical dermatology and nutrition standpoint.

BOOK: @drjohannaward; 

Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh

A former surgeon, Dr Sebagh has mastered the art of non-surgical face and neck lifting. One of his signature treatments includes UltraliftTM, using HIFU technology to help slack skin and facial muscles snap back into shape.

BOOK: @drsebagh;

Dr Joney De Souza

A pioneer in new technologies, Dr De Souza delivers luminous skin quality through his layering of laser modalities to reduce pigmentation, firm facial contours and tighten sagging jaw lines.

BOOK: @drjoneydesouza;

Dr Joshua Van der Aa

Dr Joshua has honed his skills as an injector by travelling the globe to learn from the best in the field. Known for treating the eye area subtly and precisely he is a master at tricky tear trough filler and non-surgical eye lifts.

BOOK: @drjoshualondon;

Dr Judy Todd

Dr Todd is the expert celebrities trust for a non-surgical face lift. Renowned for transforming the neck and lower face, she’s a pro with high-tech machines from Morpheus8 to FaceTite and NeoGen Plasma, the device lauded for Shirley Ballas’s facial transformation. 

BOOK: @dr_judy_todd;

Mr Kshem Yapa

A GMC-certified consultant plastic surgeon who works between the NHS and his private practice, Mr Yapa specialises in facelift surgery and rhinoplasty. His Deep Lift and Restore Face Lift incorporates the specialised deep plane lifting technique with fat grafting to replace lost volume.

BOOK: @yapaplasticsurgery;

Dr Lizzie Tuckey

A member of the Royal College of Medicine and the British college of Aesthetic Medicine, Dr Lizzie’s advanced surgical training has given her an edge in both facial rejuvenation and body contouring with a huge emphasis on achieving a natural look. 

BOOK: @drlizzietuckey; 

Dr Marco Nicoloso

An expert injector, Dr Marco Nicoloso isn’t one for aesthetic trends. He takes a holistic approach to the face treating it like a piece of fine art that needs gentle restoration rather than reinvention. He is renowned for creating a subtle look which has gained him a loyal following of discerning clients. 

BOOK: @ouronyx; @drmarconic;

Dr Marwa Ali

With a global client base, men and women travel far and wide for Dr Marwa’s expertise. Never one to overdo it, light injectable enhancements are her thing from artful Botox to undetectable tear trough filler, she combines these with HIFU and IPL, to give her clients luminous skin quality. 

BOOK: @dr_marwaali; 

Dr Maryam Zamani

An Oculoplastic Plastic Surgeon, Dr Zamani has a passion for facial aesthetics and works both in the US and UK. With a bestselling skincare line including her sell-out LED facial device, Dr Zamani knows that great skin is all about balance.

BOOK: @drmaryamzamani; 

Dr Michael Prager

Offering what he calls ‘cosmedical wellbeing treatments’ at his Knightsbridge clinic, Dr Prager specialises in natural-looking injectables that boost your confidence without looking as though you’ve had anything done.

BOOK: @dr_michael_prager;

Dr Mitul Shah

A renowned periodontist and implant specialist, Dr Shah is an expert in cosmetic gum improvements such as crown lengthening with extensive experience managing complex gum issues including recession. If you’re concerned about a gummy smile, then look no further.

BOOK: @drmitulshah;

Dr Nina Bal

Italian born Bal was a professional skier before she studied to be a dentist, and later an advanced aesthetic doctor specialising in facial sculpting treatments, winning her a number of prestigious awards. A TV personality and social media star, clients head to Bal for her natural-look injectables and signature sculpting technologies such as Endolift.

BOOK: @drninafacialsculpting;

Dr Rhona Eskander

An award-winning cosmetic dentist that specialises in everything from ultra natural veneers to minimal edge bonding, if you’re looking for a youthful smile enhancement, she is a class above. 

BOOK: @drrhonaeskander;

Dr Rita Rakus

The indisputable ‘London lip queen’, Dr Rakus is known for creating the perfect pout, while her Knightsbridge clinic houses some of the best cosmetic practitioners and high tech machines from EMface and Softwave to CoolSculpting and Endolift.

BOOK: @ritarakus_;

Dr Sabrina Shah Desai

This Oculoplastic Aesthetic Surgeon is the go-to eye expert if you suffer from hollow, drawn under eyes. Her signature treatment, the Eye Boost, combines tear trough filler with complementary modalities to refresh the eyes.

BOOK: @drsabrinashahdesaiofficial;

Dr Selena Langdon

A trained plastic surgeon, Dr Selena Langdon is the founder of Berkshire Aesthetics, a patient-focused clinic that specialises in long-term skin health. A skilled injector and CoolSculpting expert, she is internationally renowned for her body treatments. 

BOOK: @drselenalangdon;

Dr Sophie Shotter

From face-tightening treatment Profound to the latest hybrid injectable HArmonyCa, Dr Shotter believes all work should look ‘invisible’ to the naked eye.

BOOK: @drsophieshotter;

Dr Stefanie Williams

A highly regarded dermatologist, Dr Williams is a genius at correcting all kinds of pigmentation with her medical grade facials and combination approach of peels, laser, IPL and freezing techniques to achieve clear, even toned skin.

BOOK: @drstefaniew;

Dr Surbhi Virmani

With 20 years’ experience in anaesthetics and critical care overseas and within the NHS, Virmani now exclusively practises aesthetics and cosmetic dermatology treating the skin and face harmoniously. A master at correcting pigmentation, other areas of expertise include hand and neck treatments and non-surgical facelifts. 

BOOK: @drsvcosderm;

Dr Tom Crawford-Clarke

Dr Tom’s expertise in smile design sets him apart. Designing each patient’s smile digitally, his eye for facial aesthetics and expertise in cosmetic dentistry makes him a firm favourite for Invisalign and natural-looking veneers and composite bonding.


Dr Tracy Mountford

With her bespoke, intuitive approach to rejuvenation, Dr Mountford has decadesof experience with injectables and knows how best to treat each face by eye. She combines injections with devices like Ultherapy that targets the deeper layers of the skin for longer-lasting results.

BOOK: @the_cosmetic_skin_clinic;

Dr Uliana Gout

From her medical facials to her seven-site injection procedure that treats the face, neck and decolletage, Dr Uliana Gout believes early intervention is key and has published numerous research papers on preventative ageing. As president of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine, her extensive knowledge has led her to develop her ‘intelligent aesthetic’ technique using complementary procedures that target every layer of the face for the most natural looking results. 

BOOK: @lam_clinic;

Dr Vicky Dondos

Author of The Positive Ageing Plan, unsurprisingly Dr Dondos believes in a gentle inside-out approach to natural beauty. Beauty editors prize her injectable skills as being rejuvenating and undetectable. Best for a subtle refresh.

BOOK: @drvickydondos; 

Dr Victoria Manning and Dr Charlotte Woodward

Known for a holistic inside-out approach including offering nutrition and fitness advice with minimally invasive treatments, Doctors Manning and Woodward are leading experts in Silhouette Soft, a subtle thread lift treatment to reduce sagging.

BOOK: @river_aesthetics;

Dr Wassim Taktouk

Dr Wassim Taktouk is the insider’s go-to doctor. A master at subtle facial contouring, he is loved by women and men looking for a subtle tweakment.

BOOK: @drwassimtaktouk;

Dr Yusra Al-Mukhtar

A dental surgeon and medical aesthetic clinician, Dr Yusra notched up several years’ experience in maxillofacial and skin cancer surgery before focusing on aesthetic medicine. She is known for her natural, non-surgical facelifts combining dermal filler, thread lifts and advanced devices.

BOOK: @dryusra.almukhtar;