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By Rebecca Cox

2 weeks ago

How to be ‘shiny hair girl’ this summer

There are currently 120 million TikTok videos for Shiny Hair Girl. But how can one become her this summer? Glossy girl hair is trending this season, and we’ve enlisted the help of two experts to find out how to keep frizz at bay and channel chic, glossy hair whether at home or away.

How To Get Glossy Hair On Holiday

Shiny Girl Hair For Waves

‘Wavy hair can often be more prone to frizz in humid weather, but the key is to work with the humidity, not against it,’ advises Marie Nieuwoudt, Group Education Manager at CLOUD NINE. ‘Celebrate your hair’s natural texture by using a hydrating shampoo and conditioner designed for wavy hair and resist the temptation to straighten your waves.

‘Our Magical Remedy is a lifesaver when it comes to keeping frizz at bay. After washing and lightly towel-drying your hair, apply a pea-sized amount of Magical Remedy to your waves to help define them and keep the frizz under control without weighing your hair down.’

Percy & Reed brand founder and hair stylist Paul Percival says: ‘If you want to lean into the beachy look, you can use a diffuser or wand to create a bend in the hair, or just let your hair air dry for a natural look. To achieve the “glossy girl” look, emulsify a bit of our Finishing Cream (£18) with a tiny bit of water and pull it through the ends, then work any leftover product through the rest of the hair. This gives hair a really nice shine but also helps loosen up curls or waves to make it feel more relaxed.’

Poker Straight Glossy Hair

‘Poker straight hair is a really strong look at the moment, and is great if you prefer to wear your hair down,’ says Paul. ‘The key to this is that when you blow dry hair, always ensure the air flow is from root to tip, even when rough drying. This helps close the hair cuticle for a smoother finish. Once hair is dry, break it up into large sections to straighten. Mist each section with the Flexible Hold Hairspray (£18) to provide hold and heat protection, then use a straightener to get that ultra-straight look.’

Low Ponytail

Slick back ponytails are trending this season and are perfect for getting the glossy girl look. ‘For a super slick and shiny, frizz-free ponytail, I would recommend using our Hair Wax (£18),’ says Paul. ‘Apply a ten pence-sized piece to dry hair, pulling it over the top of your crown as you pull hair back into a ponytail. Use a wet brush or wide tooth comb to get the product all the way through the hair then secure into a low ponytail. Apply a five pence-sized piece of Finishing Cream (£18) and run it over the top and through the ponytail to give incredible shine.’

What To Pack

If you have case space for one hair tool, pack the Cloud Nine Wide Iron pro (don’t forget your adapter) so you can achieve the poker straight look in less time, leaving more time for poolside cocktails. When it comes to product, less is more. ‘Holiday hair is all about styles that take you day to night and multitaskers like using a hair mask as a styler,’ says Paul. ‘It’s really important to always care for your hair, even and almost especially when on holiday in the sun and heat.’

Shiny Hair Girl: Inspiration


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