House of Colour Provides Science-Backed Colour and Style Analysis That Improves Confidence

By CTH Editors

1 year ago

House of Colour is a Great British Brand 2023

House of Colour is an entry in our Great British Brands 2023 book. 

House of Colour: Great British Brand 2023

‘What we offer is life-changing to our clients. Once you know what suits your body and reflects your personality, while complementing your skin tone, you eradicate the senseless and sporadic shopping that has become so real for so many. The pandemic hit the UK business hard while, in the USA, we grew threefold. In the last year, in the USA, we have grown from 100 to over 250 consultants and now have several high earning franchise teams, expanding into more states. 

House of Colour's UK consultants

‘Our services rely on scientific evidence around colour and style theory, and we are confident that these are robust; however, we needed to modernise our brand. We have reviewed most of our services to ensure we are delivering the elevated, high-quality experience for which we are renowned, while also being as diverse and inclusive as possible. Sustainability has always been the bedrock of our proposition: “buy it once, wear it well” and understand what suits you so that you eliminate mistakes is our mantra. We have, as a community, focused on many repurposing “style from your wardrobe” events this year.

The next task is ensuring that our marketing is on point so that we attract new franchise business owners and more clients from a wider range of demographics. There are many independent stylists arising from the Instagram and Tik Tok market who have excellent

campaigns and are attractive to our ideal client. They are providing them with material they are hungry for, so our challenge will be to do the same, but in our own way. We will be collaborating with like-minded brands, and our new website and shop is launching early this year. Make-up is an integral part of our proposition, and a product that is currently undervalued in terms of its ease quality; this will also be a focus for this year.’ Claire Bannister, UK Managing Director

A House of Colour consultant with a client


  1. House of Colour began in the mid-1980s to help wider audiences understand how knowing their best colours and fashion style can help them look good and feel confident.
  2. Clients can invest in the company’s advanced services to gain a deeper understanding of their style, including personal styling, make-up advice and personal shopping.
  3. The company uses science-backed techniques to inspire clients, as well as taking into consideration their personality, proportions, body geometrics, and skin tone.
  4. For those who want to go further, advisors will look through their wardrobe, with them, to assess what they don’t need, and where there are gaps to be plugged.
  5. Over 84 percent of clients have told our franchisees they found their inner glow after experiencing the positive transformation of a House of Colour consultation.

A House of Colour consultant applying makeup to a client