Exclusive Interview: Katie Boulter On Pro Tennis (& Tennis Bracelets)

By CTH Editors

5 days ago

The star athlete reveals the jewellery she'll be wearing on court at Wimbledon

Ahead of Wimbledon 2024, we caught up with pro player Katie Boulter to talk all things tennis – and Pragnell’s brand new tennis bracelet campaign.

Interview: Katie Boulter

How are you feeling about Wimbledon 2024? What’s your aspiration for the competition this year? 

I’m eagerly gearing up for Wimbledon 2024. It’s a special place for me, marking the beginning of my tennis journey and still fuelling my passion. It feels like my happy place. My team and I are working hard, and I’ll be giving my very best, most likely with a smile on my face. Additionally, I’m looking forward to representing my country for the first time at the Olympics, creating memories I’ll cherish forever.

What’s been your most challenging match ever? Where was it, who were you playing against, and what were the dramatic moments?

My most challenging match was against Karolína Plíšková at Wimbledon on Centre Court. It was my first top-10 win and achieving it on such a historic court made it even more special. It was also deeply emotional, as I lost my grandma the day before, and it was the first Wimbledon match she ever missed. Overcoming that challenge was a significant milestone in my career. Getting my very first win on Centre will never be matched with anything else.

What was your first big break? How did you decide to become a professional in the first place?

My first big break came when I won my first WTA title close to my home tournament. It was a pivotal moment that made me believe how far I can go, pushing me into the place I am now. From a young age, I was passionate about the sport and luckily enough my family were always within tennis, so I was surrounded by it. I have many fond memories at the tennis club in which my grandparents lived across the road from. This allowed me to find the passion and love I have from the sport. It’s all thanks to them.

Katie Boulter wearing a white cable knit sweater, green tennis skirt, cream monogrammed bag and Pragnell gold jewellery.

Do you think the playing field is fair for both male and female players yet? What would you like to see change?

While there have been significant strides towards equality in tennis, there are still areas that need improvement. Equal prize money in major tournaments is a positive step, but we need to continue working towards equal representation and opportunities across all levels of the sport. I’d like to see more investment in women’s tennis and increased visibility and support for female athletes.

How do you cope with losing?

Coping with losing is never easy, but I try to view each loss as a learning opportunity. I go back with my team and try to look for areas for improvement and come back stronger. Staying positive and maintaining a healthy perspective is crucial, and I rely on the support of my team, family, and friends to help me through tough times.

Can you give us amateurs three tips for improving our game?

  1. Focus on your footwork: Good footwork is the foundation of a solid tennis game. It all starts in the base.
  2. Work on your serve: A strong, consistent serve can give you a significant advantage as you start the point with it.
  3. Stay mentally tough: Tennis is as much a mental game as it is physical. Work on your focus, resilience, and ability to stay calm under pressure.

Is being a professional tennis player all it’s cracked up to be?

Being a professional tennis player is incredibly rewarding, but it also comes with its challenges. The travel, training, and constant competition can be demanding. However, the thrill of competing, the joy of winning, and the opportunity to inspire others make it all worthwhile.

How do you spend your downtime (if you have any)?

Off the court, I love getting dressed up and incorporating my favourite Pragnell pieces into my everyday outfits. Their collections are so versatile, whether I’m wearing them during training or on the red carpet. I particularly adore the Skimming Stone pendant and drop hoop earrings, which I’m wearing in the campaign – these add a touch of elegance and often draw compliments. Additionally, I cherish spending quality time with my family and friends, which helps me relax and recharge.

Purple tennis ball with a Pragnell tennis bracelet wrapped around it.

You’re an ambassador for storied British independent jewellery brand Pragnell. What attracted you to them?

As an official ‘Friend of The House’ of Pragnell, I value brands that share a genuine connection and aligned values. Being from Leicester, home to one of Pragnell’s showrooms, I love visiting to see their latest collections and get styling ideas, especially after getting my grandpa’s approval. Family is one of my biggest values, so working with a British family-run business like Pragnell, which shares these strong values, is a perfect fit for me.

They’ve just launched a tennis bracelet campaign. Will you be wearing it when you’re at Wimbledon?

Absolutely! We had so much fun shooting the campaign, and I’m excited to wear the new Bohemia Collection Bracelets on court at Wimbledon. I’ll be layering these new styles with some of my favourite Pragnell pieces both on and off the court this summer.