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Review: Edward James London Aveda Salon & Spa

Rosalyn Wikeley reviews the Aveda Spa for some efficient relaxation...

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In need of some instant relaxation in town? Head to the Edward James London Aveda Salon & Spa for a high street hit…

Aveda Spa Edward James


Putney High Street.


An award-winning ‘high street’ spa offering ‘efficient relaxation’ below the London chaos above.


Because relaxation is an overused phrase, spoken more than actually experienced. When you fail to look after your body and everything at the top of your to-do list is suddenly redundant. You are little use to anyone, including any work you’ve prioritised.

That being said, putting aside a full day of admin and sizeable chunk of your salary on a spa trip casts shadows over this ‘relaxation’ concept. There’s nothing relaxing about guilty thoughts sabotaging your mind whilst ‘enjoying’ a subterranean pummelling. It’s just not feasible to schedule this in. So what’s the solution?

Aveda Spa Edward James

The High Street Spa: Edward James London Aveda Salon & Spa

Like Waitrose, the yoga studio and the chiropractor, these ‘efficient’ high street spas, popping up all over, cater to the time poor, overstressed population, eager to ‘recharge’ pronto.

The Edward James Aveda Spa on Putney High Street is an oasis of calm which slots easily into your day. The efficient service makes a Saturday morning massage more feasible and less idealistic – think of it as a speedy wind-down.

It is cosy, compact, absent of marble walls or water fountains, but once you’re horizontal, wrapped in a warm towel with magic hands applying oily pressure to your neck, opulent interiors will be the last thing on your mind.


The professional and experienced spa therapists at the Edward James London Aveda Salon & Spa stand above the client’s head rather than alongside them, their hands working from a different angle, deep into the muscles holding all that stress.

These calming wizards, with their velvety voices and gentle movements, use plant-based and natural wonder products. Treatments range from basic beauty preening to intense relaxation (mind and body) using Ayurveda elements – the ancient Indian healing traditions.

You will leave feeling recharged and ready to take on the fast-paced tech world our fragile human bodies must learn to adapt to. This is one for the monthly schedule and should be prioritised above any preening or admin. Your body comes first after all.

Book it:

Visit to book. Massages and facials from £50 for 30 mins.

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