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That Time Jo Malone Regent Street Was a Secret Garden

Don't miss the shop's transformation on 23 April.

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From 23 April, the Jo Malone London Regent Street Boutique will be transformed into a secret garden by architects Thomas McBrien, in collaboration with Paper & Wood and in association with Royal Institute of British Architecture.

That Time Jo Malone Regent Street Was a Secret Garden

Jo Malone London is ever inspired by the quintessentially British Garden. The transformation of the Regent Street boutique will be an homage to years of the brand’s fruity, floral and forever fragrant ideas that take root in Great Britain’s gardening.

The entrance to the boutique will be transformed to resemble an opening in a garden wall, revealing the nature within the shop. The heart of the design is a tree, inspired by ingredients from Jo Malone’s signature scents.

Many thousands of pieces of paper that make up the garden have been creased, shaped and folded by hand. This handmade approach reflects the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into the creation of each of the brand’s refined fragrances.

What better way is there to feature the Jo Malone’s classic scents like English Oak & Redcurrant, English Pear & Freesia, English Oak & Hazelnut, Peony & Blush Suede, Earl Grey & Cucumber, and Wild Bluebell?

Not sure which one to choose? Celine Roux, Head of Global Frafrance development, shares her rules by which to choose a personal scent in Jo Malone’s The Talk of the Town House Magazine.

‘Intellectual tools are great at letting you know what’s in a fragrance, but they can’t tell you how it will make you feel. Scent and emotion are intrinsically linked. Fragrance can alter your mood and make a statement, so don’t limit yourself by sticking to a singular familiar fragrance family like woody or spicy. It’s fun to take risks.’ – Celine Roux

To quickly brush you up, here is Jo Malone’s ‘family politics cheat sheet.’

Citrus– Refreshing, energising and enlivening
Fruity– Juicy, luscious and enticing
Floral– Delicate, smooth and intoxicating
Spicy– Fresh, passionate and vibrant
Woody– Earthy, warm and seductive

When & Where: From 23 April, Jo Malone London, 101 Regent St, Mayfair, London W1B 4EZ

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