A Bartender’s Guide To Buenos Aires

By Olivia Emily

2 weeks ago

Where to eat and drink in the Argentinian capital

Embarking on an Argentinian adventure? Already landed in Buenos Aires? We’re jealous. This vibrant melting pot city – sometimes called the Paris of South America – is home to a whopping 15 million people, so there are naturally plenty of places to eat and drink. Where to start? We asked Martín Suaya, head bartender at Único Hotels’ Casa Lucia, for his top recommendations.

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Martin Suaya

Martín Suaya

Introducing Martín Suaya

Award-winning cocktail master Martín Suaya is head bartender at Le Club Bacan, the spirited cocktail bar of Hotel Casa Lucia, which is making a splash on the storied and stylish Calle Arroyo right in the heart of Buenos Aires’ fashionable Recoleta neighbourhood. At the centre of Martín’s mixology is the belief that the best cocktails should be a work of art, and this infectious, passionate attitude is clear in Le Club Bacan’s comprehensive menu. Having been named the Best Bartender in Argentina, his food and bar recommendations tour Buenos Aires’ most exceptional spots.

Favourite Cocktail: The Suspiro de bandoneón with Johnnie Walker Red Label, basil, citrus and simple syrup. Or the ‘Puente’ with Tanqueray Gin, red fruits, black cardamom and a toasted marshmallow.

Where To Eat & Drink In Buenos Aires

A restaurant in Buenos Aires

Cantina de Casa Lucia

Casa Lucia: Le Club Bacan & Cantina, Recoleta

The magnificent Casa Lucia hotel combines my two great passions: food and drink. Inside is Le Club Bacan and Cantina. The club offers an exquisite cocktail bar with drinks that capture the essence of Argentine culture, such as Suspiro de Bandoneón and Por Una Cabeza. Cantina, for its part, mixes the classic and modern of Argentine gastronomy, standing out for its select cuts of meat and traditional dishes. Casa Lucia is a mandatory stop for those looking for a unique and refined culinary experience in Buenos Aires. hotelcasalucia.com

Find It: Arroyo 841, C1007AAB Cdad. Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina

J.W. Bradley, Palermo

JW Bradley Bar is a speakeasy style bar in the Palermo neighbourhood. The bar is designed to recreate the luxury and elegance of the Orient Express, with a decoration that evokes a vintage train station and an antique carriage. Visitors enter through a discreet brown door marked with a small plaque, which leads to an incredible atmosphere. It is a place with high traffic, top-notch cocktails and a very cool atmosphere to relax and enjoy on a date or with friends. A mandatory stop. bradleyltdbar.meitre.com

Find It: Godoy Cruz 1875, C1414CYN Cdad. Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina

La Calle Bar, Palermo

La Calle Bar, another one in Palermo that I love, is really beautiful, also speakeasy style. What I like most is its decoration that simulates a street with tables, a lot of strength in urban art and beautiful service. You enter through a pizzeria, which seconds later reveals a hidden space with a unique atmosphere. The bar stands out for its signature cocktails that are inspired by cities around the world, such as Tokyo and Wellington. In addition, it offers a variety of sublime pizzas and finger foods. It is a pretty lively place: if you are looking to have fun in large groups, meet people or dance, head here. lecallebar.com

Find It: Cnel. Niceto Vega 4942, C1414 Cdad. Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Collette Cafeteria, Recoleta

Colette is a charming cafe located beneath the Museum of Fine Arts in the mythical Recoleta neighborhood of Buenos Aires. This place offers a very sophisticated culinary experience, perfect for those looking for quality and good taste in an artistic and cultural environment. It is ideal to take a break in your day, enjoy a brunch or an exquisite coffee. In addition, its surroundings are unmatched, with a beautiful green landscape and the historic Faculty of Law with its sublime architecture. Colette is a reference point for those who appreciate both gastronomy and art. Additionally, you are close to many beautiful tourist spots. bellasartesbar.com

Find It: Av. Pres. Figueroa Alcorta 2260, C1425 Cdad. Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina

The streets of San Telmo, the oldest neighborhood in Buenos Aires

The streets of San Telmo, the oldest neighborhood in Buenos Aires

San Telmo Market, San Telmo

The San Telmo Market is another of my favourite places in Buenos Aires. As the name says, it is in San Telmo. With a fixed weekend plan, it is a place with a lot of history and charm. This market combines delicious food stalls, antiques and fresh produce, all under a historic roof. I love walking through its halls, discovering unique objects. It has many incredible antiques, and best of all you can try the key local delicacies. Additionally, the vibrant atmosphere and mix of culture and tradition make each visit a unique experience. Without a doubt, it is a must-see place for those who want to know the true spirit of Buenos Aires. mercadosantelmo.com.ar

Find It: Defensa 963, C1066AAQ C1066AAQ, Cdad. Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Casa Cavia, Palermo

Casa Cavia, another gem of Palermo, is my favourite place to go at midday. It combines gastronomy, art and culture in a unique way. It has a top-notch restaurant and an impressive cocktail menu. Located in a restored old house, it has a charming internal patio with trees and birds, which is beautiful. It also has a bookstore, a flower shop and a publishing house, all in one space. The architecture is very elegant and the atmosphere is superior. It is the perfect place to enjoy good food, literature, cultural events and incredible wines. Without a doubt, one of my favourite places to have lunch. casacavia.com

Find It: Cavia 2985, C1425DDA Cdad. Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina

La Guitarrita

In Argentina, there are many pizzerias of many different styles, so this pick is a matter of taste. I particularly have fallen in love with La Guitarrita, a place with a lot of history and tradition, and very famous for its stone-grilled pizzas. I really like going alone to all of the places I have mentioned, but I especially love the warm and cozy atmosphere here, perfect for enjoying a good meal with friends or family. The pizzas are incredible, with fresh ingredients and a crispy dough that makes them unique. Plus, the staff are always very friendly and make you feel at home. It is the ideal place to enjoy an authentic Buenos Aires pizza.

Find It: There are La Guitarrita venues across the city, including in Palermo and Caballito.

Don’t Miss: Estadio Obras, Nuñez

The Obras Sanitarias Stadium is in the Nuñez neighborhood, and it is an emblematic cultural and sports venue with a rich history. Recognized for consecrating national and international artists, it has hosted countless concerts and sporting events. Artists like Soda Stereo, Serú Girán and The Police broke that scene. I personally love it because of its musical importance in Argentina, something that is indisputable. It is one of my favourite places to see bands, as it always presents recitals with top Argentine musicians and international artists. In addition, sporting events and very fun parties are sometimes organized. estadioobras.com.ar

Find It: Av. del Libertador 7395, C1429 Cdad. Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Casa Rosada, office of the president of Argentina located on landmark historic Plaza de Mayo

Casa Rosada, Plaza de Mayo

Buenos Aires’ Best Late Night Venues

And as for clubs, I’m going to choose four that I love with very different profiles:

Picheo, Belgrano

A beautiful party that takes place on Thursdays in a bowling alley in Belgrano called BLACK. A very nice place if you like a youthful atmosphere and urban, Latin music. Really comfortable. It’s a party that I really love. picheo808.com

Find It: Av. Juramento 1543, C1428 Cdad. Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Afrika, Junin

This venue attracts a diverse crowd and offers a unique experience with its top-notch DJs and super exclusive atmosphere. It’s a place where you always have a good time and meet new people. Without a doubt, Afrika Club is a must-see stop for those looking for a memorable night in the city. Very varied music depending on the day, from electronic to cachengue. @afrika.club.arg

Find It: Junín 1787, C1113 Cdad. Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina


Bresh is a unique party full of good vibes and with superior musical diversity. The energy is incredible, there is always an inclusive atmosphere and people are there to have a good time. Plus, the music selection is excellent, ranging from current hits to classics that everyone enjoys. It is a perfect place to dance, meet people and enjoy an unforgettable night. fiestabresh.com

Harlem Festival, Santa Fe

One of the best musical experiences in Argentina. Harlem Festival is celebrated in Santa Fe and offers a unique mix of music, art and gastronomy. With performances by the best local artists, it literally represents Argentine musical culture. A vibrant and diverse event, the atmosphere is incredible, perfect to enjoy good music and Argentine culture. If you come to Argentina in October, you can’t miss it. For me, this is Argentina’s best music festival.


Rooms at Casa Lucia start from $670 (currently approx. £530) per night, including breakfast. hotelcasalucia.com