Planning A Visit To Crosby Beach? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

By Martha Davies

1 month ago

How to get there and what you'll find – including Antony Gormley's famous sculptures

There’s nothing like a day at the beach – but with so many picturesque patches of coastline to visit in the UK, how do you choose? If you’re looking for somewhere close to Liverpool, then Crosby Beach is a brilliant option. Here’s everything you need to know so you can make the most of your trip.

A Guide To Crosby Beach

You’ll find Crosby Beach in the borough of Sefton, just six miles from Liverpool town centre. Sitting within Crosby Coastal Park, the beach forms part of the Merseyside coastline, offering some lovely sea views reaching across to Wirral and North Wales. Since Crosby is close to the Port of Liverpool, you can often spot cruise ships and cargo ships passing by, too.

Antony Gormley's cast iron 'Another Place' sculpture facing the sea at Crosby Beach.


Antony Gormley’s Another Place Statues At Crosby Beach

While it might look scenic, Crosby Beach isn’t the place to go if you’re hoping to sit and relax – or swim. Patches of mud and soft sand make it dangerous to stop and paddle, and visitors are actually advised to avoid the water due to changing tides. What draws so many visitors to this Merseyside spot is, in fact, an art installation by sculptor Antony Gormley.

Entitled Another Place, Gormley’s installation consists of 100 lifesize cast-iron figures positioned almost one kilometre out to sea. The sculptures are arranged across a three-kilometre stretch of foreshore, so you’ll pass them as you walk along the beach – every sculpture faces the water, standing fixed in the sand as if gazing out at the horizon. Gormley constructed each figure using casts of his own body, and each one weighs a whopping 650 kilos.

Another Place became a permanent fixture of Crosby Beach in 2017; before then, it was on show in the towns of Cuxhaven (a seaside village in Lower Saxony, Germany) as well as Stavanger (Norway) and De Panne (Belgium). 


Trains & Buses To Crosby Beach

There are plenty of ways to get to Crosby Beach via public transport – you can hop on a Merseyrail train from Liverpool Central or Moorfields and get off at Blundellsands & Crosby Station. Alternatively, you can get a bus from Queen Square Bus Station to Crosby.

Parking At Crosby Beach

If you’re driving to Crosby, there are three main car parks to choose from:

  • Marina car park / Crosby Lakeside Adventure Centre (postcode: L22 1RR)
  • Crosby Leisure Center car park (postcode: L23 6SX)
  • Burbo Bank car park (postcode: L23 8TA)