Project Sama: Aman’s Venture into New Waters

By Charlie Colville

2 years ago

Is this the holiday of dreams?

Project Sama is the superyacht launch we’ve all been waiting for, blending seamless hospitality with the gentle sway of the sea. Interested? Find out all there is to know about Aman’s new ambitious project below…

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Project Sama: Aman’s Venture into New Waters

Luxury hospitality giant Aman has announced its latest venture in collaboration with Cruise Saudi, which will see it take to the waves for the first time in the company’s history. Titled Project Sama, the new luxury motor yacht will ‘bring the cherished spirit of Aman to the world’s seas and oceans’.

Project Sama Exterior Design

(c) SINOT Yacht Architecture & Design

Part of an ongoing partnership with the Kingdom of Saudi, Project Sama is intended to be a space where privacy, restoration and hospitality come together to create an exceptional experience for guests. The project, designed with SINOT Yacht Architecture & Design, will place emphasis on Eastern heritage and design philosophy – in particular, the harmony between interior and exterior spaces.

Aman promises that Project Sama will be a superyacht experience that is both timeless and unlike anything we have experienced before. The 183 metre vessel will feature 50 spacious luxury suites, an informal all-day dining restaurant, a relaxed club and lounge, spa with Japanese garden, helipads and Beach Club, which will offer guests direct access to the water at the stern of the yacht.

Japanese garden design for Project Sama

(c) SINOT Yacht Architecture & Design

Chairman and CEO of Aman, Vlad Doronin, commented: ‘The announcement of Project Sama marks an exciting moment in Aman’s growth and evolution, as we not only continue to diversify our geographical portfolio on land, but also at sea, creating sanctuaries in unfrequented locations and continuing to reframe the concept of luxury hospitality. Project Sama will provide transformative experiences within the revered Aman setting and service, which is unlike any other yacht experience, ultimately creating a whole new category in on-the-water discovery.’

Since its conception in 1988, Aman has expanded across the globe – from Tokyo to New York – in its quest to deliver unparalleled service. The only space left to conquer is the sea.


Prospective guests can hope to book a trip on the luxury motor yacht in 2025. For more information, please visit

Featured image: Frank McKenna, Unsplash


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