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Your Private Jet Awaits (Have You Got Stratajet Yet?)

Search, compare and book a private jet for your next flight, whatever your budget

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If you’re thinking about booking your next holiday or work trip, have you considered travelling by private jet? Stratajet Founder and CEO Jonny Nicol explains how their new app makes it easier than ever to compare the cost of chartered flights anywhere in the world.


Private jet travel for everyone

Jonny Nicol explains how Stratajet is bringing private jet travel to a larger audience:

‘The beauty of Stratajet is that, due to the accessibility of the platform and its ease of use, absolutely anyone can find out the cost of a private jet flight.

‘Thanks to Stratajet’s streamlined booking process, private jets are no longer reserved for the rich and famous. Indeed we have many options available on the system that compare to the per person cost of first or even business class tickets on commercial flights. For this reason, our customers vary hugely in age – from teenagers to grandparents – and passengers use Stratajet for both business and leisure.’

How does it work?

‘Stratajet’s simplest feature is offering our customers direct access to a fleet of aircraft at their fingertips. This makes us the fastest and simplest means of getting from A to B. When searching for private jet flights, customers can choose from the largest range of aircraft, all at the best price – guaranteed – and book instantly, using a credit card or Apple Pay.

‘The search engine can also help customers plan their journey. By simply entering your address and desired destination, Stratajet will scope out your whole trip, including transfers to and from the airport, so you can plan your total travel time. ‘You can also enter your preferred time of arrival. It’s a great feature if, say, you have a dinner reservation or a meeting at a particular time and need to work backwards to make sure you’re on time.

‘Through the website, app or by speaking to a member of our client services team we can provide you with the exact price for your trip so you won’t be stung with any additional charges post-flight.’

From the city to the south of France for dinner

‘Let’s say you work in the City – let’s go for Lloyd’s of London – and have dinner booked for 19:30 at Mirazur, one of the world’s top restaurants, located in southeast France.

‘Customers need only enter the postcode of Lloyd’s and the address of Mirazur and the Stratajet system does the rest. You would need to leave at 2pm, UK time – it would take approximately an hour to drive to Biggin Hill, two hours in flight and about 45 mins drive at the other end, from Nice Cote d’Azur Airport to Menton (and you lose an hour because of the time difference, of course).

‘However, imagine doing that on a commercial flight. The trip would take twice as long if you account for airport check-in, passport control and security, and another half an hour for baggage collection at the other end. The difference is the efficiency of the journey.’

Stratajet Founder and CEO Johnny Nicol

Stratajet Founder and CEO Jonny Nicol

No queues, no hassle

‘With private jet travel there are no queues, no waiting and no stress. You are in control of your trip and Stratajet’s technology allows for you to also control the booking process, and not be at the mercy of a private jet broker.’

Save money and time

‘The traditional means of booking a private jet is over the phone via a broker. The broker will have a relationship with a handful of aircraft operators who traditionally had to manually calculate the cost of the desired flight.

‘Because our technology allows customers to access aircraft directly and book instantly through the platform, there is no need to liaise with a broker. This means we can guarantee you the best price of aircraft across the whole private jet industry.’

No more empty legs

‘Something else that is unique to Stratajet is our ability to factor empty legs (aircraft being repositioned without passengers) into flight searches and adapt these where necessary to suit the passengers’ requirements. The use of this technology minimises unnecessary waste and ultimately brings down the cost of private jet travel as well as utilising flights that would otherwise be needlessly burning fuel.’

In short…

‘Stratajet is the industry’s most efficient and streamlined means of booking a private jet but it’s not just a case of letting the passenger get on with it.

‘We also have an industry-leading client services team available 24/7. A dedicated account manager will assist in the booking process, if required, and accommodate any additional client requests, ensuring the flier is always in total control of their journey.’

Stratajet allows you to search, compare and book from the largest choice of private jets available for charter at the best prices, instantly. Visit for more information.

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