British Beach Huts Are On The Up: But Would You Consider Buying Your Own?

By Daniella Saunders

3 years ago

The price paid for beach huts has increased by 41 per cent in the last year

There’s nothing quite like the Great British seaside; fish and chips, braving the cool water, and those picture-perfect beach huts that you’ve always wondered what it would be like to own. If you’re planning on spending your summer by the sea, you might want to consider investing in or renting your very own coastal retreat.  

So What Does Travel Look Like in a Post-Covid World?

According to hotel booking site Hoo, the price paid for beach huts has increased by an incredible 41 per cent in the last year. Despite rental prices falling by -4.1 per cent due to the ongoing lockdown restrictions, it’s evident that the beach hut trend is booming, with Brits hoping to flock to the seaside for the ‘staycation summer’ of 2021.

“A 41 per cent uplift in the last year alone is pretty considerable although as with any property investment, location is key when it comes to both the price achieved and the property’s rental potential,” says Hoo co-founder, Adrian Murdock.

The travel platform states that a beach hut purchase will currently cost £36,034 on average. In more considerably covetable areas, however, the price can stretch much further. In fact, three beach hut properties in Mudeford in Dorset recently each sold for an asking price of £325,000, according to Hoo.

Mudeford, Dorset | GettyImages

If £325,000 is a little too much to cough up for a simple hut (perhaps a bit of an understatement?), there is always the option to rent. The average daily rate of renting a beach hut is £52, according to Hoo. A rental in Bournemouth would likely cost you an average of £26 per day, whilst Sandbanks, also in Dorset (renowned for its sky-high property prices), lies at an average of £28 per day. Mudeford, however, takes the cake with an average rental price of £130 per day, branded as “the most expensive beach hut rental hotspot” by Hoo.

“With a great deal of uncertainty remaining around what we can and can’t do this summer, there has been an understandable wobble in the cost of renting a beach hut,” says Murdock. “That said, beach hut rental prices remain robust and with another summer of staycations on the cards, they’re likely to climb considerably over the coming months.”

So, how will you be spending your summer? If international travel is off the cards, could a beach hut rental or purchase be the next best thing? Weather dependent, we’re sold.

Featured image: Gordon Plant via Unsplash

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