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10 Lessons We Learned In Lockdown

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"As long as I have good books, great audiobooks, puzzles and nature, I can survive anything."

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As the children return to school tomorrow, here are 10 things I’ve learned from lockdown…

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10 Lessons We Learned In Lockdown

1. That I’ll never make it as a teacher. When I’m coming out in a mild sweat at maths for seven-year-olds (do you know what a quotient is?), it’s time to stick to my skill set.

2. That I only need ten items in my wardrobe and, yes, they’re as boring as you might expect from a middle-aged woman who doesn’t leave home, but still, I bet you don’t disagree.

3. That I completely agree with Professor Herman Pontzer, when he says exercising doesn’t make you lose weight. I’ve done two/three Zoom classes a week, a daily 2.45-minute plank, and a weekly 10km jog, yet the lure of the children’s biscuit tin, my husband’s addiction to industrial-sized bags of KP nuts and a predilection for nightly bars of Lindt dark chocolate have left me only being able to fit into the aforementioned 10 items…

4. That watching the birds on the feeder as I make my morning tea is a pleasure unrivalled. ‘The woodpecker’s here,’ I shriek wildly most days – he still doesn’t bore me.

5. That a beautiful moonrise is almost as staggering as a stunning sunset – did anyone gasp at the huge milky orb ascending into the sky last week?

6. That people really appreciate it when you do the right thing. I make a real point of breaking my jog and moving to the side when passing people on my weekly run (I don’t let on that I just actually need a breather), and most times they’ll say, ‘Thank you, you wouldn’t believe how close some people come.’ I jog on with a beatific smile on my face.

7. That an awareness of the seasons is as crucial to us as inhabitants of this great earth as it is to its non-human dwellers. When you are aware, you are in sync and mindful and appreciative – and that can only be a good thing for the planet.

8. That I’ve been spending rather an abnormal amount of time plotting to start a survival stash – you know, iodine for water purification, tinned food, a wind-up radio. Is this my eco-anxiety returning or a really good idea for when the next big disaster happens?

9. That should that disaster happen, as long as I have good books, great audiobooks, puzzles and nature, I can survive anything.

10. That I really like long, deep baths… I’ve had one every night of lockdown. That is a new hobby I probably need to quit (along with the biscuits).

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