8 Fun Things To Do For Someone You Love in Isolation

By Lucy Cleland

2 years ago

Ways to show you care while you can't see friends and family

While we’re all mindful of keeping ourselves and our families occupied, happy and motivated during periods of isolation, sometimes the best buzz comes from giving someone else a lovely surprise – or doing something together

Isolation Gestures and Gift Ideas

Send a bunch of flowers

JamJar Flowers

The doorbell goes, there’s no one there – we are in social distancing mode, after all – but on the doorstep is the most beautiful bunch of flowers. Take them inside, dig out the note and know that someone, somewhere is thinking of you. Enjoy the warm, fuzzy feeling. We love sending from sustainable florists.

Do a Zoom exercise class together

Aimee Victoria Long

Once or twice a week, my friend Daisy and I join the same class. The fact that I know she’s going to be there and we can say a quick hi and bye before and after class not only motivates me to turn up (so easy not to), but gives me the will to keep going. Aimee Victoria Long’s Body Beautiful Method is the best class I’ve come across – but it’s not for the faint of heart.

A subscription to a magazine


While we’re all online constantly, there’s no better feeling than sitting down away from the glare of a screen and flicking through a favourite magazine. While mainstream glossies have taken a hit, niche publications are seeing a rise in sales. If you know what your friend’s really into – be it cycling, tapestry, history or superyachts – there will be something in print form. And you can never go wrong with C&TH – bringing you a balanced life.

Send someone supper

Tom Aikens DIY kit

One of the downsides of lockdown is the never-ending need to shop, prepare, eat, clear away and wash up endless meals – we’re not used to it. Give someone a delicious night off by sending then a home delivery from Tom Aikens – who’s offering a three-course ‘Makeaway’ (you only have to do the minimal prep) for £98 for two, to include a starter of Housemade Ricotta balsamic pickled wild mushrooms, dried herbs, mushroom vinaigrette; a main of 24 Hour Braised Short Rib, miso, honey, soy, marmite onion tatin, salt baked beets and a pud of Dark Chocolate Mousse chantilly cream and caramelised pistachio. Yum.

Help someone get more sleep

We know the pandemic has played havoc with our sleeping patterns, so sending a few spoiling products that actually can help – or at least give someone an excuse to give themselves the best possible chance of a good night’s kip is a real winner. We love This Works’ collection of sleep products (lots of products are currently on sale too), especially the pillow spray. For something uber luxurious, try ila’s The Big Sleep Collection (£65), with full sized bath salts, sleep drops and sleep mist.

Make a photobook

Addison Ross

Credit: Chloë Winstanley

Nothing lights up granny’s heart more than a photobook. They are the most gorgeous keepsakes and will let people into your lockdown life. Get the children involved to do a ‘day in our lockdown life’. Apple lets you create books straight from iPhoto, but Photobox is a very good value alternative. For something a little smarter, Addison Ross will not only print your digital images but frame them beautifully too.

Play online Scrabble with a friend


I know someone who’s had an ongoing competition with a friend since the start of Lockdown 1.0. She does warn me though that online editions allow a whole host of those pesky two letter words that only real Scrabble nerds use – there’s an app called Scrabble Go on Google or Apple. There’s also been a sharp uptake in online Bridge. Once the preserve of the blue-rinse brigade, Bridge is now appealing to a younger demographic – it is the most brilliant game and can while away the long, dark evening hours. You need to up your trick-making card games first, and then you can head to more serious stuff.

Start a charm bracelet

Charm bracelet

Who doesn’t love a charm bracelet? Maybe one for a niece or godchild, you can join Jewel and The Gang’s monthly charm subscription that delivers exclusively designed, hand-carved charms, directly through the letterbox. Charms come in white or yellow gold-plate, as does the chain and a mini jewellery box is also included. It costs just £15 a month. You never know we might be out of lockdown by the time the bracelet is full.

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