Lioness Alex Greenwood: ‘The feeling of disappointment will be there for a while’

By Ellie Smith

10 months ago

The Manchester City player on post-final emotions and attitudes towards women's football

After a tense and nerve-racking final, England’s women’s football team lost out on becoming world champions earlier this month – but the nation felt nothing but pride for their inspiring achievement. Not only did they make history by reaching the World Cup Final for the first time, but the Lionesses have also had a significant impact off-pitch, using their platform to campaign for gender equality within football. Shortly after the final, we caught up with one of the most experienced members of the squad, Liverpool-born Manchester City defender Alex Greenwood.

Interview with Lioness Alex Greenwood

Alex Greenwood

Image by Carl Moss

Of course a disappointing result for the team, but what an amazing achievement to reach the final. What was the atmosphere like in the changing room after the match?

To be honest, the feeling is still quite raw. Of course, I’m so proud of the team and that we created history again, but I think the feeling of disappointment will be there for a while. However, the reaction from our fans has been incredibly supportive and I can’t wait to be back playing in front of them.

Have you been able to enjoy some downtime since getting back from Sydney? What do you do to relax after a tournament?

Yes, I’ve managed to get away and tried to switch off as much as possible. Of course, the game still pops up in my mind often thinking about if, buts and maybes, but it’s been nice to get back home and spend time with Jack and my family.

Attitudes towards women’s football have changed dramatically in recent years. What big shifts have you felt since you first started playing?

The biggest thing for me is that it’s not specifically women’s or men’s football, it’s just football. Our aim is always to inspire everyone of all ages and genders and I think our impact so far has been successful.


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Last year the Lionesses wrote a letter to the government calling for all girls to be allowed to play football at school. Is there still a long way to go when it comes to equal opportunities within football? 

Yes, we did, however, I think there are still things that can be done. We as a team take responsibility to keep demanding more and allowing more opportunities and things are improving that’s for sure, but I still think there is more to do.

In the lead-up to a big tournament, what does your training regime look like?

After the season I take a short rest, and then I gradually start training, building up towards the tournament. I like to go away and train on my own and focus on the things I want to be the best at when the tournament comes around, but I also want to make sure I’m fresh to give my maximum performance for the entire tournament as well. I also find looking after myself, eating well and staying on top of my health inside and out helps give me a boost.

Alex Greenwood

Image by Carl Moss

What about nutrition? How do you stay fuelled?

For me nutrition is so important, it’s as important as going to the gym and training in my opinion. Nutrition will always remain at the forefront of my mind regardless of whether I am training or resting. Of course, I switch off sometimes and allow myself to eat what I want, and I think that’s important in moderation, but in between I focus on my nutrition intake by incorporating plenty of protein, Boast Elite supplements and carbs into my diet.

Did you give any advice on coping with pressure to newer players within the team ahead of the World Cup?

Dealing with pressure comes with experience and preparation. As an older player, fortunately, I have experienced tournaments before, and I am conscious of looking after the younger players for when their moment comes so they’re prepared. Their ability is there, and I want to make them feel as confident as possible in high-pressure moments to perform at their best.

Tell us about your nutrition range, Boast Elite…

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