Earth Day 2024: Arizona Muse’s Top Culture Picks

By Ellie Smith

2 months ago

The DIRT founder shares her favourite eco books, podcasts and more

Earth Day is just around the corner, an annual event to support and encourage environmental protection. Wondering how to get involved? One of the best ways to mark the day is simply by learning about the issues that our planet faces, and what we can do to help – whether that’s through a book, a podcast, a documentary or any other resource. To give you some ideas, we’ve enlisted environmental activist Arizona Muse to share an eco-themed culture radar. After working as a model for many years, Arizona decided to pivot into the world of regeneration, launching her own biodynamic farming charity, DIRT.

When it comes to finding environmental inspiration Arizona says: ‘Indigenous wisdom is always best. When I seek knowledge I look at who wrote it or said it and if it was from an indigenous mindset I trust it better and know it will be more interesting and more relevant.’

Environmental Resources: Arizona Muse’s Recommendations

Documentary: The Territory

I chose this because of its sheer and utter beautiful storytelling, and the story behind it, which is that the tribe that are pictured actually filmed it themselves, rather than a Western filmmaker coming to tell a story about an indigenous tribe. I think this is a very interesting shift in narrative that has paved the way for other stories to be told in this format. Disney+

Podcast: For the Wild

I’ve been listening to this podcast for years. Ayana Young is a wonderful storyteller and interviews voices of wisdom who are off the beaten path. I get a lot of inspiration from this podcast.

Sand Talks by Tyson Yunkporta

Book: Sand Talks by Tyson Yunkporta

Tyson offers so much wisdom in his really cool, kind of gruff, masculine way which I find is more rare to come by in the environmental space where we often learn from women. A fantastic read!

App: Kama

Kama is a source for sexual wellbeing – this is more important than we tend to imagine and once you start using the app, you’ll understand why. Definitely have a look at Chloe Macintosh who has become a star of a sex educator.

The Dream of a Ridiculous Man at Marylebone Theatre

Play: The Dream of a Ridiculous Man at Marylebone Theatre

On right now at Steiner House’s Marylebone Theatre is The Dream of a Ridiculous Man, a one man show that is spectacular and exciting.

Akram Khan

Akram Khan, by Max Barnett


I love going to 5Rhythms or ecstatic dance which is an alcohol-free way to move and exert your body. Dance I will always love to watch is Akram Khan Company, he rocks my heart with his movement.

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