Our Favourite Podcasts About the Environment

By Ellie Smith

1 year ago

Green listening

If you’re keen to learn more about the environmental issues facing our planet, there are a whole host of great educational podcasts out there. Below we highlight some of our favourite podcasts about the environment to listen to now, which offer thought-provoking conversation and practical advice on everything from living more sustainably, to wildlife, to upcycling.

Best Podcasts About The Environment

Rewilding The World

Ben Goldsmith new podcast, Rewilding the world

Imagine a world in which we live among apex predators – from bears to wolves – without fear. This could be the future of our planet, according to rewilding experts, and it could be the solution to some of our urgent climate change issues. This new podcast by Ben Goldsmith, conservationist and philanthropist behind the Conservation Collective, talks to the leaders and minds backing the world’s major rewilding projects. Catch the first five episodes here 

Farming Fashion

If you’re looking for a quick environmental fix, the three-part Farming Fashion podcast could be the one for you. Created by Farmerama Radio with Southeast England and South West England Fibershed, Farming Fashion  dives into the possibilities created by a regenerative fashion system, led by conversations with key players like farmers, processors and designers. farmerama.co


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Happy Place x Earthrise

In this episode of Happy Place, Fearne Cotton speaks to Alice Aedy and twin brothers Jack and Finn Harries, who together started Earthrise (a storytelling platform on climate change). The episode covers how the twins swerved from being YouTube stars to activists, eco-anxiety, humanitarian crises, and how buying a bamboo toothbrush won’t lead to the change you’ve been told it will. It’s an inspiring listen that will put the fire in your belly to fight for change. podcasts.apple.com

Stories Of Our Times

How did we manage to understand the complexities of the climate crisis, and yet still seem to be on the edge of disaster? The Times‘ podcast, Stories of Our Times, has an insightful episode called ‘A Brief History of the Climate Crisis’, which summarises our 165 year-long history fighting climate change: where we’ve gone wrong, the politics, and how this legacy impacts the decisions we make about the earth today. spotify.com

BBC Earth

Get up close and personal with jewelled beetles in the Namib Desert, fly with eagles in Rajasthan and descend to the depths of the ocean with the BBC Earth podcast. Each week, the BBC Earth team gathers together a collection of immersive stories about our planet and the creatures and landscapes in it, with episodes covering topics like extinction, mysticism and what the natural world can teach us about teamwork. podcasts.apple.com


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Call Of The Wild

In Call Of The Wild, actor, presenter and WWF ambassador Cel Spellman examines how we can make a difference in the fight to save our planet. In each episode, he meets a figure from the worlds of either sport or entertainment, alongside a wildlife expert – guests have included Steve Backshall, Sir David Attenborough and Georgia May Jagger. Cel hasn’t made any new episodes in a while, but there is plenty of backlog to delve into. wwf.org.uk


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Sustainable(ish): The Podcast

Keen to help save the world, but exhausted at the idea? In Sustainable(ish): The Podcast, author and speaker Jen Gale explains how small tweaks can make all the difference. It’s full of practical advice on everything from children’s clothing to composting, with advice from experts in the industry. podcasts.apple.com


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Wardrobe Crisis

Can de-growth save fashion? Is veganism the answer? Can we imagine the end of capitalism? These are the kind of questions being explored in Wardrobe Crisis, a sustainable fashion podcast hosted by Clare Press, who was Vogue’s first sustainability editor. Each week, she interviews guests from all over the world about the big issues facing the fashion industry. Aja Barber discusses ethical fashion change, Anya Hindmarch talks about single-use plastic, Sinead Burke tells us about fashion activism, and much more. As podcasts about the environment go, this one is guaranteed to get you thinking. spotify.com

Sustainable Minimalists

Mum and author Stephanie Seferian’s podcast is targeted at overwhelmed parents who struggle to incorporate sustainable practices into their busy lives. Stephanie believes sustainability and minimalism are intrinsically intertwined, and applies these principles to topics surrounding parenting – from how to create an eco-friendly, decluttered home to bringing up healthy children. podcasts.apple.com

The Ethical Conversations Podcast

Launched during lockdown, The Ethical Conversations Podcast sees host Jess Rigg talking all things sustainable and ethical – from slow fashion to affordable veganism. She chats to Karma founder Elsa Bernadotte about combatting food waste, Hurr founder Victoria Prew about renting clothes and V for your Viv founder Katie Yara Diasti about how to have a sustainable period. spotify.com

Sustainable Jungle

Born from the Sustainable Jungle blog, this podcast bills itself as a ‘mission driven show’ featuring engaging conversations with people working to protect the planet. Instead of focusing on the negatives, the Sustainable Jungle podcast aims to inspire and encourage its listeners, covering topics such as edible upcycling and the importance of butterflies. podcasts.apple.com

Featured image by Charlotte May.