Blue Lights: The Belfast-Based Police Drama Returns Tonight

By Ellie Smith

2 months ago

How to stream the hotly-awaited second season

Northern Irish drama Blue Lights was one of the BBC’s most talked about shows of 2023, and now it’s back for a much-anticipated second season. Created by Declan Lawn and Adam Patterson, the TV series follows a trio of new PSNI probationary recruits as they navigate the complexities of life as a police officer in Belfast. The second instalment promises to be just as tense and as gripping as the first, returning with a high-octane opener: here’s everything you need to know about Blue Lights season 2.

This article contains spoilers for Blue Lights season 1

Blue Lights Season 2: Everything You Need To Know

What Is Blue Lights Season 2 About?

Speaking to the BBC, Lawn said the new series will continue to explore the ‘relentless, grinding daily pressure’ of policing in Northern Ireland. The season is set a year after the death of PC Gerry Cliff (Richard Dormer), who was shot whilst on duty at the end of the first series. 

‘The death of Gerry was calculated for us because we knew it was going to be the genesis of series two,’ said Lawn. Patterson added: ‘The whole creative team made a conscious decision to move the story a year on. Part of the reason for that is that if we had picked it up right away then every story would have been consumed by Gerry and we needed the actors to go on different journeys.’

The BBC’s synopsis says: ‘In series two, Grace, Annie and Tommy are growing up fast as police officers, but nothing can prepare them for the turmoil they face every day. It’s a year since the fall of the McIntyre crime gang and the vacuum has been filled by rival gangs, all competing for dominance. Constable Shane Bradley is drafted in to help, but his motivations are unclear.’

‘Tommy is dangerously seduced by the world of intelligence policing, while Grace struggles to deal with her son’s absence, and growing feelings for fellow officer Stevie. As a young loyalist threatens to take over the city, the officers face a major gangland feud – culminating in a violent and devastating confrontation.’

Blue Lights

BBC/Gallagher Films/Two Cities Television/Steffan Hill

Who Is In The Cast?

Most of the central cast will return for season 2, including:

  • Siân Brooke as Grace Ellis
  • Martin McCann as Stevie Neil
  • Katherine Devlin as Annie Conlon
  • Nathan Braniff as Tommy Foster
  • Joanne Crawford as Helen McNally
  • Andi Osho as Sandra Cliff
  • Hannah McClean as Jen Robinson
  • Paddy Jenkins as Happy Kelly
  • Desmond Eastwood as Murray Canning
  • Jonathan Harden as Jonty
  • Andrea Irvine as Nicola Robinson

They’ll be joined by new cast members including Frank Blake (Sanditon), Seamus O’Hara (Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves) and Derek Thompson (Casualty).

Blue Lights

BBC/Gallagher Films/Two Cities Television/Steffan Hill

Will There Be More Seasons?

Good news for fans: a third and fourth season of Blue Lights have already been commissioned. Lawn said he’s ‘slightly blown away… but delighted’ to have the show recommissioned. ‘It’s a really unprecedented thing for a series to be commissioned for series three and four before series two goes out.’ 

How To Watch Blue Lights Season 2

All six episodes of Blue Lights season 2 arrived on BBC iPlayer this morning (15 April 2024), before the first episode airs on BBC One at 9pm.