Where Can I Stream The Cuckoo?

By Olivia Emily

2 months ago

This new Channel 5 drama has everyone talking

It’s not often we’re all talking about Channel 5, but The Cuckoo has audiences buzzing with opinions. Here’s everything you need to know before you tune in.

The Cuckoo, Channel 5

Sian (Jill Halfpenny), Alice (Freya Hannan-Mills) in The Cuckoo

Sian (Jill Halfpenny), Alice (Freya Hannan-Mills)

What Is The Cuckoo About?

The Cuckoo follows a city family – married couple Nick and Jessica, and their teenage daughter Alice – who have recently moved to the countryside. Struggling with their finances, Nick and Jessica agree to take a lodger in their spare room – and an artist named Sian answers the advertisement.

As Sian settles into her new place in the household, however, it’s clear she intends to be more than just a lodger. She begins to worm her way into the family, captivated by daughter Alice, especially, who is harbouring her own struggles due to moving schools. The show’s tagline may be ‘don’t let her in,’ but it seems to be a little late for that.

The four-part series illustrates over four unnerving hours just how tense a domestic drama can be.

Nick (Lee Ingleby), Jessica (Claire Goose)

Nick (Lee Ingleby), Jessica (Claire Goose)

The Cast

  • Jill Halfpenny as Sian
  • Lee Ingleby as Nick
  • Claire Goose as Jessica
  • Freya Hannan-Mills as Alice
  • Marjorie Yates as Aunt Fay

If you recognise Sian, it might be because Jill Halfpenny is a familiar face on British TV; she’s best known for her role in the coming-of-age BBC drama series Byker Grove, but most recently has starred in Liar, Everything I Know About Love, and The Long Shadow.

Lee Ingleby, meanwhile, plays Nick – you might recognise him from Screw, Line of Duty, or The Long Shadow, too – and Claire Goose plays his wife Jessica. Goose has starred in the likes of The Bay and The Coroner, while Freya Hannan-Mills, who plays her daughter Alice, is a newcomer.

Jessica (Claire Goose)  Alice (Freya Hannah-Mills)

Jessica (Claire Goose)
Alice (Freya Hannah-Mills)

Where Was The Cuckoo Filmed?

The Cuckoo was filmed in County Wicklow, Ireland in October 2023.

Where Is The Cuckoo Streaming?

The Cuckoo is streaming on My5, which you can access at channel5.com. All you need to do is create an account, and you can start watching.