British Artists on TikTok to Follow Now
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British Artists on TikTok to Follow Now

The new artistic digital age

The buzziest application on the app store, TikTok is quite the treasure trove for undsicovered talent, trends and stories. New to the app and not sure where to start? If you’re an art lover, then you can sink your teeth into the accounts below, which are headed up by brilliant British artists working across paint, film, photography and illustration.

British Artists on TikTok to Follow Now

Sophie Tea @sophieteaart

@sophieteaart Sometimes you’ve got to bring our the big PINK guns! 🌸 #arttok #artist #painting #modernart #experimental #creative #artbuyers #fyp #foryou #paint #paintgun #sophieteaart ♬ Cool Kids (Sped-Up Version) – Echosmith

Birmingham-raised artist Sophie Tea is a pro when it comes to social media. One of the leaders in the Instagram art movement, which saw artists forgoing the traditional gallery route in favour of selling online to social media followers, Tea has been edging her way onto TikTok since 2020 and has since amassed nearly 25k followers. You can catch her documenting the process of creating her paintings (much chaotic splattering is involved) and experimenting with new media (we’re a fan of her VR projects) on her colourful account.

Henry Holland @henryholland

@henryholland How I make my ‘PROFUMO’ Vase #henryhollandstudio #learnontiktok ♬ Sunny Day – Ted Fresco

Summing up his profile with the titles ‘Designer, Pot Dealer, Northerner’, British creative Henry Holland quite succinctly hits the nail on the head. Having dipped his toe into the realms of fashion and interiors, it only seems fitting that he’d also have a penchant for art. Alongside behind-the-scenes videos at Fashion Week, ‘Get To Know The Artists’ style videos and multiple comedic skits, Holland documents his time in the studio creating one of his iconic pottery pieces.

Lilah Parsons @lilahparsons

@lilahparsons Some Jubilee art! 🇬🇧 #watercolour #watercolor #fineliner #art #draw #learnontiktok #paint #jubilee ♬ Countryside Air – Tom Howe

While you may recognise Lilah Parsons from her time presenting on television or on the radio for Capital Breakfast, the presenter-DJ-model-artist has made quite the home for herself on TikTok with her intricate illustration work. Her account has over 146k followers and 2.3 million likes – and we can see why. Parsons’ account is packed with high-quality videos which show her drawing and painting; taken up close to show the beautiful details of her floral illutrations, her videos mostly depict time-lapses documenting her process as she talks us through the project. Queries can be directed to [email protected]

Rankin @rankinphoto

@rankinphoto Tush Magazine 💜 #makeup #beauty #fashion #colour #beautymode #colours #colourpop #photo #editorial #editorialmakeup #editorialmagazine #newwork ♬ Good Vibrations – The Beach Boys

Iconic British photographer Rankin has been turning heads with his show-stopping photographs for over 30 years; well ahead of the cultural curve, it should therefore come as know surprise he’s taken to TikTok. On his account, you’ll find stills and videos taken from shoots Rankin’s worked on throughout the years (our favourites are the photos taken of Destiny’s Child for Party in the Park in 2000), as well short clips showing him trying out the app’s latest filters (as we said, he’s an icon).

Bobbziee @bobbziee

@bobbziee🖼 🎨🖌🧘🏽‍♂️♬ I Love You So – The Walters

For videos that are both aesthetically pleasing AND satisfying, look no further than Bobbziee. A self-taught artist, Bobbziee creates colourful and beautifully intricate paintings (available to shop on his website) that play on the themes of fluidity and abstraction. His account, which documents the creation of these paintings, has gained a whopping 7.6 million likes since he opened it in 2020 – largely due to how cleanly he paints (the fulfilment is real).

Greg Williams @gregwilliamstt

@gregwilliamstt #photobreakdown of #tildaswinton at #venicefilmfestival ♬ original sound – gregwilliamstt

Ever wondered how some of our favourite photographs of celebs were taken? Black and white photographer Greg Williams has been taking photos in the entertainment industry for decaded – and has most notably been the official Bond photographer for over 20 years. He regularly takes to his TikTok account to talk about some of his most iconic photographs and moments from his career, describing the moment behind the image, talking composition and giving tips and tricks for learners.

Featured image: W W, Pexels


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