Genesis GV60 — The Green Lane

By Jeremy Taylor

1 year ago

Is this the best electric SUV to date?

Motoring editor Jeremy Taylor and sustainable fashion expert Jessica Saunders give chapter and verse on the Genesis GV60.

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The Green Lane: Genesis GV60 Review

The Genesis GV60 car on a road

JS – I sense a biblical reference might be coming here?

JT – You’re right. If God had designed an electric car on the eighth day, then he might well have created something like the GV60.

I know Genesis is the luxury arm of the Kia/Hyundai family. So why haven’t I seen a showroom on my travels?

A very good point. Because Genesis comes to you! There’s no dealer network, which saves the company a fortune running physical outlets. It’s the future, make no mistake.

What about test drives – and the free coffee in a dealership?

Having a test drive from home is the Genesis way. I’m sure they’d buy a coffee or two en route if that was a deal-breaker!

So, what’s the story with the GV60?

It’s the brand’s first all-electric model after a number of hybrid cars, as Genesis established itself here. The GV60 is based on the same platform as the brilliant Kia EV6 and Hyundai Ioniq 5, but it’s far more upmarket.

Well, we love both of those electric family SUVs too. And I note the GV60 has the same large 77.4kWk battery, but still costs more, from around £54,000. It’s also more pennies than the Tesla Model Y.

True but, as we discovered, the interior of the Genesis is like no other car I’ve driven, electric or otherwise. First off, I love the fact the driving position feels more like a hatchback than an SUV, visibility is superb and, of course, there’s the crystal ball!

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The driver's console in the Genesis GV60

Yes, what is that all about? I read it’s called the ‘Crystal Sphere’ in the sales pitch. It’s sort of a funky drive selector – changes the interior mood lighting and so on.

And when the GV60 is ready to drive, it turns over to reveal a rotating dial. In many electric cars, you don’t get a visual warning when the gear is engaged, this does it rather wonderfully, in a unique way.

The cabin is a very lovely place to sit. I also like the fact it has lots of physical buttons for the controls, rather than scrolling through menus or tapping screens. That has to be safer for occupants.

If the plush, quilted leather isn’t enough, Genesis offers a panoramic glass roof, a thumping Band & Olufsen surround sound system, plus the option of digital door mirrors, which I would avoid.  It’s also loaded with standard equipment, including lots of safety kit, a five-star European safety rating and a five-year unlimited mileage warranty. 

Best of all, the Genesis managed 260 miles of battery range – it will do more in the right conditions, but a cold day in January saps the power.

The GV60 is also fun to drive, especially if you opt for the Sport Plus model. The two motors combine for a 0-60mph time of just four seconds. Bye bye, Porsche!

It’s a keeper then?

Yes, it is. The Genesis is one of the best electric SUVs I’ve driven. Depending on what model you buy, it will provide exceptional performance, luxury trim and a decent battery range. For many people, the exterior styling will be the key factor, but it looks better in the metal than in the photos.

I’ll agree with that. Amen. 

Jessica Saunders is Director of Programmes at London College of Fashion, studying for a PhD in sustainable e-textile design.