Is This The Best Dog-Friendly Car Around?

By Martha Davies

2 months ago

Tail-wagging travels guaranteed

On the market for a car that’s perfect for your four-legged friend? Martha Davies checks out Genesis X Dog, a state-of-the-art setup that slots into the brand’s Electrified GV70 SUV. Complete with a heated dog bed, pull-out ramp and even a hairdryer, this just might be the most luxurious travel accessory for your pooch…

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Dog-Friendly Travel: The Genesis X Dog Concept

Genesis X Dog module with dog bed, cushion and ramp.

Though there’s nothing quite as glorious as a long dog walk, it’s all fun and games until your beloved pet jumps in a muddy puddle – and then straight into your (previously) clean car. But what if you could guarantee that even the muckiest pup travels home clean, dry and unbelievably comfortable? This is where the Genesis X Dog concept comes in.

Spaniel walking up ramp into white Genesis SUV

Designed exclusively for Genesis’ award-winning Electrified GV70 SUV, this glamorous setup provides a whole host of features to help your dog ride in style. Gone are the days of tattered blankets and dirty dog towels stuffed into your boot; instead, you’ll find a heated dog cushion encased by quilted vegan leather walls (designed to match the rest of the car’s interiors perfectly). There’s a handy retractable ramp to help smaller pups clamber in, while a personalised leather collar and safety harness ensures they’re safe and secure while on the move. 

Cream-coloured dog bed with matching pouch and a hairdryer beside.

As if all of that wasn’t impressive enough, the ultra-luxe accessory comes with its own Bluetooth speakers – and an ambient lighting system which you can control from your phone. It also includes a six-litre pressurised water tank connected to a shower attachment, so you can wash off your muddy pooch before they hop in the car. Of course, they’ll need to be dried off first, so you can make use of a specially-designed electric hair dryer, which heats up to an optimal temperature for dogs. Both of these handy tools are stored in their very own waterproof pouches.

Tan leather dog collar and lead with Genesis branding

Naturally, you can remove the entire setup if you’re travelling without your dog in tow (or if you simply need some extra space in the boot), but if you want your pooch to enjoy a first-class travel experience, there really is nothing more luxurious than this. And all within a top-of-the-line EV, too. 

The Genesis X Dog module will be on show at the Genesis Studio Battersea from 9 to 21 May, before transferring to the Genesis Studio Westfield from 22 May to 5 June.