Electrified GV70 Sport Line — The Green Lane

By Jeremy Taylor

1 year ago

‘Don’t ignore the Genesis’

In the beginning, there was a Genesis. Motoring editor Jeremy Taylor and sustainable fashion expert Jessica Saunders drive the Electrified GV70.

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The Green Lane: Electrified GV70 Sport Line

White Electrified GV70 Sport Line next to a modern building

JS – OK, so another SUV, then? I’m guessing this is an alternative to the Mercedes EQC, Audi e-tron and BMW i3X EVs?

JT – Yes, the GV70 is the third electric model from Genesis, the posh part of Hyundai. The Korean company already knows a thing or two about battery technology. In fact, Hyundai recently won World Car of the Year for the excellent Ioniq 6.

I rather like the look of the electric GV70. It is actually difficult to tell it apart from the petrol-powered model, which will be part of the appeal for some newcomers to EV ownership.

Apart from the lack of exhaust pipes, some aerodynamic wheels and a different front grille, it could be a combustion-engined model. I know that grille did cause a few problems when the Genesis first arrived on our driveway.

Indeed, I seem to remember you couldn’t find the flap to plug it into our wall charger! We both searched for some time, refusing to look in the instruction manual.

The interior of the GV70

And it turned out to be a superbly hidden flap in that hexagonal-design grille. Genius, but I’m glad it didn’t happen at a public charge point.

I think the design of the GV70 will split the Great British motoring public. I’m a fan but, with prices starting at £64,000, the Genesis has some serious competition. The BMW iX3 is actually cheaper, and a more recognised brand.

I agree, but the GV70 is sillily fast, extremely refined and comes with an equally, if not better, interior. Buyers only have the choice of one ‘Sport’ trim level, but that can be supplemented with some option packs. Note: heated seats are not standard.

It certainly is quick: 0-62mph in 4.2 seconds. Twin motors give the Genesis all-wheel drive grip, and range is officially 283 miles, or more like 225 in normal driving conditions.

And, go on, I know you are itching to mention something, aren’t you?

The V2L connector! This is a neat bit of kit for happy campers, allowing them to use the GV70 to power outdoor essentials, such as a travel fridge or music system.

Picnic beside th GV70

Even so, as comfortable and relaxed as the GV70 was to drive, I can’t help thinking that a lot of buyers will choose the Ioniq 6, or the Kia EV6 instead. They don’t pack all-wheel drive but the price difference is massive.

Good point. Both those cars also have real design flair.

Equally, if you want a car that’s a little different – and not built by one of the big three German brands – don’t ignore the Genesis.

Explore the Electrified GV70 Sport Line at genesis.com

Jessica Saunders is Director of Programmes at London College of Fashion, studying for a PhD in sustainable e-textile design.