How To Hurkle-Durkle: The Self-Care Trend Taking Over TikTok
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How To Hurkle-Durkle: The Self-Care Trend Taking Over TikTok

Bed rotting is out, hurkle-durkling is in

From flaxseed botox to rat snacking, TikTok has spawned plenty of wacky trends of late. If you’re after something more wholesome, however, hurkle-durkling might be just the thing for you. Read on to find out exactly what it is – and why you might be a professional hurkle-durkler without even knowing it.

What Does Hurkle-Durkle Mean? What It Is & How To Get Onboard

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While it may sound like nonsense – as TikTok trends often do – hurkle-durkling is, in fact, a legitimate real-life behaviour. A largely dormant Scots phrase until the good people of social media brought it back to life, hurkle-durkling is most simply defined as lounging around in bed long after you should have gotten up. 

The phrase ‘hurkle-durkle’ appears to have emerged in the 19th century, while the verb ‘hurkle’ was also used to mean ‘sitting huddled in a crouched position either for warmth or secrecy’. TikTok has claimed it very much as a wholesome activity (or at least a relatable one), with users sharing videos of time spent burrowed in their beds, sipping on mugs of tea and indulging in the ultimate lazy morning. 

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Hurkle-durkling is (naturally) reminiscent of the 2023 bed rot trend, which saw us renounce our plans and commit to weekends under the duvet. And although it isn’t advisable to stay in bed all day every day (or to make yourself late for work in favour of a good old fashioned hurkle-durkle), we can certainly thank the Scots dictionary for putting a name to something most of us do every morning.