Girl Mossing Is A Wellness Trend We Can Really Get On Board With
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Girl Mossing Is A Wellness Trend We Can Really Get On Board With

Tired of girl bossing? Time for girl mossing

Quiet luxury (aka stealth wealth) may have been one of the biggest trends of 2023, but we’re always partial to a trend with a bit more green to it. And, if you’re tired of the girl boss hustle, we’re certain you’ll want to get on board with this one, too. Presenting Girl Mossing: the latest social media trend that says ‘goodbye’ to the hustle and ‘hello’ to the slow life.

Girl Mossing: Inside The New Wellness Trend

Trees covered in moss in a forest

A viral Reel has brought a new wellness trend to our attention: Girl Mossing. With similarities to Niksen (aka doing nothing), Lagom (embracing a life in balance) and Hygge (getting cosy), Girl Mossing embraces a slow life, with an extra emphasis on connecting with nature.

What Is Girl Mossing?

Girl Mossing is a new lifestyle trend all about slowing down, embracing nature and romanticising your life. It draws on the recent ‘girl dinner’ format to emphasise the feminine urges behind this trend: resting, relaxing, and being immersed among trees, leaves and (yes) moss all the while.

Romanticising your life has grown significantly in recent years, enabled by platforms like TikTok where users post short snippets transforming mundane life into something to aspire to. Think reading a thick book beside a crackling fire, enjoying a daily walk at sunset, cooking yourself a complex meal as if it’s date night, or just sitting and staring out a window with a hot drink between your hands. Girl Mossing is all about this, but with an added sprinkling of nature. As Instagram user @macabredarklingwonders (who seems to have coined the term) writes: ‘In 2024, you need to be girl mossing. You need to be girl resting, girl lounging and reading thick books, savouring your food, going on long walks, spending hours watching wildlife, sipping your coffee, girl laying down on the floor of the forest and slowly being absorbed by nature.’


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Girl Mossing also draws on the desire to be ‘at one’ with nature, which has similarly spiralled to popularity on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, soundtracked by popular lyrics and sounds. @macabredarklingwonders’s Reel is accompanied by Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Can’t Catch Me Now’, with the lyrics ‘Because I’m in the trees, I’m in the breeze, my footsteps on the ground’, while a video of a Washington waterfall surrounded by mossy rocks and trees plays. Other popular lyrics in this Girl Moss niche on social media include Taylor Swift’s ‘the lakes’ (‘I want to watch wisteria grow right over my bare feet, ‘cause I haven’t moved in years’) and Hozier’s ‘Work Song’ (‘When my time comes around, lay me gently in the cold dark earth’).

It joins last year’s ‘Soft Hiking’ trend, with women seeking new and accessible ways to reconnect with nature, whether that’s for aesthetics (these videos go viral for a reason) or for wellness. And viewers are clearly on board with @macabredarklingwonders’s idea, commenting ‘I’m in’, ‘Yes, yes & yes to all of this!’, and reminiscing on the memories the video unearths. One user commented, ‘My younger life was so happy. A nature child [with] no computers. I loved trees. I want a place in the middle of this to live with my animals.’ ‘If you need me in the new year you can reach me via mycelium network,’ another quips.