Quirky Facts About Star Signs
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Quirky Facts About Star Signs

What does your star sign say about you?

In an age of uncertainty, there’s something comforting about turning to the cosmos for answers. And whether you’re an astrology obsessive or not, we bet you’ll find these quirky facts about zodiac star signs interesting…

Horoscopes: 6 Quirky Facts about Star Signs


Most billionaires are Libras (12 percent of billionaires, in fact). The richest Libra in the world is Alice Walton (heiress to the fortune of Walmart Inc).



Capricorns are most likely be unfaithful – on Ashley Madison (a website for those purely looking to stray), they are the star sign with the most accounts.

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According to South Florida Astrologer, the most common star sign among top athletes is Aquarius – these include Michael Jordan, Babe Rude and Jack Nicklaus.

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You’re more likely to hit the gym if you’re a Leo. This is based admittedly on a survey a few years back conducted by Hello Magazine, but apparently it’s because the key characteristics of being positive, enthusiastic and confident make it much easier for you than a lazy old Sagittarius.


They may be known for their intrinsic duality – hence the twins – but Geminis are also, apparently, the brainiest among us. The team behind GoCompare set out to decipher the smartest zodiac by looking into the star signs of Nobel Prize winners, and Gemini swooped into first place with a total of 97.

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