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That Time When Italian Designer Brands Went to Raves

Versace, Moschino and D&G: rulers of catwalks, and garages

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London Fashion Week rolls around again and the city is filled with Moschino handbags that look perfectly at home in glamorous bars and on the arms of models, but lest we forget all the times Moschino and other Italian designer brands were head-banging with the jungle ravers of the 90s….

This month, the Fashion Space Gallery opened Super Sharp, a vivid, avalanche of an homage to the underground music scenes and their affinity for Italian designer brands.

That Time When Italian Designer Brands Went to Raves

Jungle and UK Garage perhaps no longer bear the same direct link to Versace, Moschino, Iceberg and D&G, but in the 90s, brands like these owned the dance floor.

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Despite the fact that their peak was before the Internet, both trends are well documented online due to a revival of interest. For the same reason, however, Jungle and UK Garage are the object of a certain amount of nostalgia, which means that the exact composition of the genres can be blurred.

To provide the most accurate picture possible, the exhibition focuses on voices of those actually there at the time, such as Goldie, Fabio & Grooverider, Bushkin, Skibadee, Navigator and PJ & Smiley, Jumpin’ Jack Frost and MC Nyke. Their shared, personal memories shed light on the reason designer clothing was first embraced by Jungle ravers and then made famous by UK Garage. The exhibit combines music, testimonials and original garments to reveals why high-end Italian labels found an important place within the two genres.

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Moschino clothes hang like artworks at the exhibit and listening points are woven throughout so that #TBT tracks like ‘Garage Girls’ get some love. Clubby, lens-flare photos document a time period in which people proudly posed in head to toe Moschino.

Free admission; Monday–Friday, 10-6; Saturday, 12-4; London College of Fashion, 20 John Princes Street, W1G 0BJ.

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