The Story Behind The Reopened Brick Lane Beigel Shop

By Ellie Smith

4 weeks ago

What's the hype around the East End institution?

Back in February, East Londoners were shocked to discover the beloved, long-standing Brick Lane Beigel Shop had closed its doors. A sign stated it would be temporarily shut in order to ‘conduct essential electrical maintenance’ – however it now looks like the shop closure was down to a ‘family dispute’. All appears to have been resolved, however, and it has been announced that the shop will be reopening this week, helmed by a new generation of the family. So what does its future hold? And why do people love it so much?

Brick Lane Beigel Shop: The History

Brick Lane is famed for its bagels – but the 24-hour, yellow-fronted shop at number 155, Brick Lane Beigel Shop, claims to be the area’s oldest. A bagel shop was established at the location all the way back in 1855, but the venue’s current iteration came about in 1987, when it was taken over by brothers David and Aron. David had been working as a baker there for a few years, so he was well-placed to take it on. The pair renamed the shop Evering Bakery, and soon they were joined by their sister Mazal. 

Ever since, the bakery has remained in the family, establishing its reputation as a London institution. In 2002 the name was changed to Beigel Shop (with the spelling of ‘beigel’ a nod to its yiddish origins), with its bright yellow sign earning it the nickname ‘the yellow one’ – in comparison to one of its local rivals, Beigel Bake, AKA ‘the white one’.


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Why Did Brick Lane Beigel Shop Close?

In February 2024, the shop was closed temporarily. In a statement, the family who runs the bakery said: ‘In recent times, we’ve faced trials, including complex family dynamics and health setbacks, common in many extended-family businesses.

‘Our recent hiatus came as a culmination of a longstanding family dispute over the building’s ownership and subsequent rents, alongside the health struggles of our beloved father and uncle, Aron, who remains in recovery from a heart attack and multiple strokes. Amidst these difficulties, we are determined to move forward with renewed vigour and optimism.’

However, a GoFundMe page has now revealed Brick Lane Beigel Shop will be reopening its doors on 26 June. From now on it will be run by the 22-year-old quadruplets of long-standing owner Aron, alongside the three sisters of Mazal.

The page reads: ‘For over a century, Brick Lane’s Beigel Shop has been more than just a bakery – it’s been a cultural landmark, a gathering place, and a source of warmth and tradition for generations. Led by siblings Aron, David, and Mazal, our family has poured heart and soul into this business, serving up not just beigels, but a sense of belonging to all who walk through our doors.

‘As we embark on this new chapter, the younger generation, including Aron’s 22-year-old quadruplets and Mazal’s three children, eagerly step up to continue the Beigel Shop’s cherished legacy. However, we are mindful of the financial obstacles that lie ahead, from a doubled rent to necessary renovations and machinery upgrades.’

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What’s On The Menu?

Brick Lane Beigel Shop makes its famous beigels using a 150-year-old method of baking, which involves proofing, boiling and baking them on wooden planks. There’s an extensive menu of fillings to choose from, but the most famous dish by far is the hot salt beef, served with English mustard and gherkins. Other favourites include the salmon and cream cheese, and the roast chicken and salad, plus the viral rainbow beigels.

When Is Brick Lane Beigel Shop Open?

The shop is famously open 24 hours a day, meaning you can pop in for your breakfast – or for the perfect post-club snack.

Where Is It?

Brick Lane Beigel Shop is located at 159 Brick Ln, London E1 6SB.