Why Is Everyone Talking About Gordon Ramsay’s Pizza?

By Martha Davies

3 weeks ago

The chef’s controversial recipe has sparked a serious debate

We all have strong opinions when it comes to pineapple on pizza, but what about baked beans? Or black pudding? Well, Gordon Ramsay has put himself at the centre of this fierce argument after a recent cooking video showcasing a Full English Breakfast pizza. Here’s the rundown on this rather left-field recipe.

Baked Beans On Pizza? Gordon Ramsay Approves

From chilaquiles to cucumber rolls, you can count on the internet to serve up some buzzy food ideas. Breakfast pizza, in contrast, might not sound so appealing – but that’s exactly what Gordon Ramsay has whipped up in his latest YouTube video, much to the horror of many viewers.

Setting up shop in an outdoor kitchen in Wales, Ramsay began with a sourdough base and a classic marinara sauce (to which he added a splash of Tabasco, Lea & Perrins sauce and vodka, inspired by a Bloody Mary). The sauce was then embellished using laverbread (a Welsh delicacy consisting of pureed seaweed) and, finally, baked beans. The internet, predictably, had a lot to say about this rather non-traditional recipe – as Ramsay predicted during the video. ‘Baked beans on a pizza,’ he laughed. ‘They’ll ban us from Italy!’

Aerial photo of Full English Breakfast


It doesn’t stop there, though: toppings included black pudding and a fried egg, alongside Welsh sausage, smoked pancetta and mushrooms. Forgoing Mozzarella, Ramsay opted for Black Bomber cheese – a Welsh specialty – and finished off with a few scattered basil leaves.

Many video commenters were quick to point out that the wacky dish seems like something that Ramsay himself would critique on his high-octane cooking show, Kitchen Nightmares. Others argued that it was all simply a bit of fun (though it’s likely that breakfast pizza won’t, in fact, gain much popularity in Italy). While we love a good Ramsay recipe, we’re still on the fence about this one.

Gordon Ramsay’s Full English Breakfast Pizza: The Recipe

If you want to try out Ramsay’s recipe for yourself, you can watch his video below. Better dig out the baked beans…