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An Anti-Ageing Sandwich Spa Launches in London this Week

We'll just let you read that headline twice.

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‘Anti-Ageing Sandwich Spa’… It may sound like the progeny of a random name generator for health/foodie trends, but however it happened – we’re so glad it did. 

Too often self-care is portrayed on social media as a pleasant walk, a rose-petal-strewn bath, a candle and some leggings. Our question is this: Where are the instagrams of the soothing sandwiches? The ultimate gesture of kindness to oneself involves glops of mayonnaise and stretchy strands of cheese more often than Instagram cares to say. Thank you, Sandwich Spa, for giving us the best of both worlds.

London’s Anti-Ageing Sandwich Spa Launches This Week

Roll Back the Clock by BFree

Opened by healthy food brand BFree Foods, visitors to The Sandwich Spa can pick from a menu of five sandwiches or wraps, filled with bloat-busting, hair-boosting and age-defying ingredients paired with a complimenting wellness or beauty treatment.

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The following spa and sandwich packages are up for grabs (yes, completely free) at The Sandwich Spa.

Roll Back the Clock: The anti-ageing wrap served with a collagen boosting and revitalising facial.

Mindfulness Bites: A mood-enhancing sandwich served with a session of mindfulness using uplifting and mood enhancing scents.

B.L.T (Beautiful, Long, Tresses): A wrap with hair conditioning and strengthening properties served with a scalp boosting, antioxidant oil head massage.

A Slice of Energy: An energy boosting meal served with a comforting and anxiety easing neck, should and back massage.

Good Gut Club: A bloat-preventing pitta pocket served with a skin conditioning and inflammation reducing full body wrap.

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Now, how to not spill sandwich fillings on oneself whilst being massaged?….

The Sandwich Spa; 14-16 March. La Galleria Pall Mall, SW1Y 4UY, Mar 14-16, 10am-3pm. Book your spot in advance. Tickets will be released every day at 2pm (Wednesday’s lot will go out at 6pm).