In London? You Can Now Pick Up A Slice Of Vending Machine Pizza

By Charlie Colville

9 months ago

These pizzas are coming in HOT

In a city where 30-minute delivery is the norm and dinner is at the click of a button, it’s safe to say that not much really shocks Londoners when it comes to food. You can imagine our surprise then when a buzz swept through the city earlier this week with the arrival of a group of pizza vending machines, courtesy of Revolution Pizza.

Pizza Vending Machines Have Popped Up In London

Let’s set the scene: it’s 12pm, you left your lunch at home and you’re making your way to the ropey-looking vending machine down the hall from your office. Admittedly, the selection in most machines is pretty dire, with an (un)appetising selection of sad chocolate bars and lukewarm coffees. But recently, the vending machine industry has upped its game on a global scale.

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Head to Germany, for example, and you’ll find vending machines stocked with sausages and soup, or venture to the Netherlands where you can pick up a fresh burger via electronic dispenser. Japan, a world leader in technology and convenience services, has city streets lined with machines that heat up full meals (think spicy chicken wings and ramen, as well as popcorn and sake shots).

But in the UK, we’re experiencing a pizza frenzy. A concept which first became popular in France, pizza vending is quickly making its way across the country thanks to Revolution Pizza. The vendor, which started setting up machines in the UK back in 2021, has just launched a series of robotic dispensers in London – and we can’t wait to try it.

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Pizzas are handmade and then shortly after distributed to machines, where they can be heated up and dispensed to customers in less than five minutes (you can even watch a countdown on the screen to track your order). Each machine has a chip and pin pay point, as well as a touch screen where you can place your order and track its progress. Once done, your pizza will pop out of one of the dispensers in a cardboard box with a partially metal lid (for the induction heating bit).

The lucky locations in the UK capital are Angel, Hanwell, Croydon and Plumstead, but we’re hopeful that more will crop up closer to the city centre in the future. From what we’ve heard, a pepperoni pizza costs £11 and a margherita will set you back just £10 – which is pretty decent, by London prices.

Fancy a slice of the action? You can find your nearest pizza vending machine at

Featured image: Quin Engle, Unsplash