Veganuary: The Best Vegan Cookbooks

By Daniella Saunders

1 year ago

Cook up a vegan feast with these plant-based recipe books

The recent emergence of innovative and exciting vegan cookbooks has turned the concept of plant-based eating on its head, with tofu and lentils (unless seriously jazzed up) ditched for indulgent jackfruit curries and delicious seitan Sunday roasts. Vegan cookbooks are no longer an oddity, but inviting and essential guides to be devoured whatever the occasion. In fact, according to The Vegan Society, ‘Waterstones have over 10,000 book titles with the word ‘vegan’ in them available for sale (as of November 2020) compared to 944 in August 2018′. With this in mind, we highlight some of our favourites. 

The Best Vegan Cookbooks

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Featured image: Brooke Lark on Unsplash