Planet-friendly everyday cleaning products

This revolutionary household cleaning brand offers award-winning, high-performance, innovative concentrated formulations that work brilliantly in your home. Sustainably packaged and delivered to your door whenever you need them, each product is vegan and cruelty-free, with carefully considered ingredients. The brand believes that sustainable swaps should be effortless, accessible and affordable so everyone can take part. This means that all of its products ­– from laundry to dishwasher to multi-purpose spray – come at a fair price. Most recently, the smol revolution has got personal, introducing a brand-new personal care range, including an anti-plastic anti-perspirant, shampoo bar and toothpaste.


  1. Launching the world’s first plastic-free child-impeding laundry capsule pack in 2020.
  2. Switching their liquids into bottles-for-life with carton refills that save 43% carbon through their production compared to recycled plastic bottles.
  3. Cutting the carbon-dense transport of water-heavy products by up to 91% via dilutable tablet surface sprays with bottles-for-life and water from your tap.
  4. Working with The Hygiene Bank Charity to fight hygiene poverty, with over 1.3 million washes currently donated to those that desperately need them.
  5. Certifying as a B Corp Company in 2023 with other like-minded companies that are building better business for the planet and people.



B Corp: B Corp Certification is a rigorous and holistic certification demonstrating that your business is meeting the highest standards of social and environmental impact, verified by transparency and accountability requirements. Brands have to recertify every three years.