Travel Accessories For Sustainable Adventures
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Travel Accessories For Sustainable Adventures

Pack it up, pack it in, let the holiday begin

Packing for a holiday can be a nightmare – both for us and the planet. We’ll often buy things last minute that we may or may not need, only to let it go to waste after one use. It’s time to unlearn wasteful habits with a new packing regime; a much cleaner, greener, and eco-friendly regime. From travel cups to vegan leather pouches, here’s our pick of travel accessories for your next sustainable adventure.

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Sustainable Travel Accessories

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Loop earplugs


Quiet Earplugs In Mint, £19.95

Say goodbye to fiddly single-use earplugs and hello to your new best friend, an absolute saviour whether you’re looking to tune out the noise on your flight (up to 26 dB, in fact), or tune into some peaceful sleep in a new place.

Irene Forte

Irene Forte Skincare

Essenziali Rigeneranti Kit, £250.

Made using vegan and upcycled ingredients, Irene Forte Skincare has the perfect travel kit for sustainable skincare enthusiasts – it even comes in sustainable packaging!

A bottle of hand sanitizer

Never Go Alone

Sanitising Treatment Mist 20ml, £20

Lightweight and great for on-the-go, Never Go Alone’s Hand Sanitising Treatment comes in a ergonomically designed recyclable spray bottle. Attach it to your wrist or your bag with the accompanying reusable lanyard.


Sea green cup + bottle, £42

This twist together water bottle and lidded cup is a lifesaver – and not just because you can have a hot and cold drink at the same time. CUPPLE are part of the ‘1% for the Planet‘ initiative, meaning that 1 percent of their annual gross sales go to The Woodland Trust and the Marine Conservation Society.

A travel accessories case


Clay Orange First Class Folio, £245.

Slow living is key when it comes to STOW products, as it seeks to actively reduce waste and minimise consumption by crafting beautiful, life-lasting pieces that are not trend-led and will stand the test of time.

Sustainable Luxury List - The Karry

The Karry

By Your Side Skincare Organiser, £34.99

You shouldn’t have to buy a new set of luxury products and miniatures each time you travel – and with The Karry, you won’t have to! Meet the reusable travel kit that makes skincare products portable (and a little greener).

Total Wardrobe Care

Total Wardrobe

Travel Packing Cubes, £30.

For those of who need a little extra organisation, Total Wardrobe’s Care Packing Cubes are needed. The brand is committed to using 100 percent natural products, and even has moth sprays that act as an alternative to harsh, chemical insecticides.

Shoreline Shaving

Rose Gold Reusable Safety Razor, £32.49.

Shoreline Shaving’s sustainable shaving kit is the ultimate way to begin a plastic-free shaving routine, and is suitable for face and body.



Aviator Carry On Plus, £430.

To make its suitcases carbon neutral, Paravel offset all of the emissions that come from sourcing, assembly, shipping, and its final delivery to customers. The brand also offset the estimated carbon emissions of your first trip with the Aviator, so that its first journey is as gentle on the Earth as possible.



Petal Pink MEDIUM Bamboo Toothbrush Subscription, £4.

This is the toothbrush you’ll want to take on every trip. Plastic free and made from bamboo, Truthbrush’s dental care can be ordered on subscription to battle waste and protect the planet. Another bonus? The packaging is fully recyclable and shipping is carbon neutral, too.

Sustainable SPF

REN Clean Skincare

Clean Screen Mineral SPF 30 50ml, £21.40.

No chemicals, no shine – just natural protection. REN’s vegan formula protects from sunburn and redness while promoting naturally derived skincare. It also promises to not clog pores, cause allergies, or irritate sensitive skin.

Best Sustainable Sanitary Products - &SISTERS Nudie cup


the mooncup® beginner menstrual cup, £23.50.

Female founded wellness brand &SISTERS is on mission to create high-quality feminine care products to improve the quality of women’s lives worldwide. Choose from their Eco-Applicator Tampons (biodegradable AND plastic-free), Zero Plastic Pads, or their Period Cups for a greener menstrual cycle.

Featured image: The Karry.