The Real Flower Company was born in 1995 when founder Rosebie Morton was disillusioned by the lack of locally-sourced, scented flowers on the market. Most flowers you find in supermarkets are mass produced, laced with pesticides, farmed with excess water and wrapped in single use plastic – not those from The Real Flower Company. All their produce is sustainably grown, ranging from beautiful naturally-scented roses to English flowers, herbs and foliage all grown on their own LEAF-accredited farms. Once the growing season is over, the company harvests from their carbon neutral sister farm, Tambuzi, in Kenya, which is accredited at the highest levels in social and environmental standards.


  1. The exceptional quality of The Real Flower Company's blooms stems from their commitment to enriching the soil, practicing minimal tillage and creating bee-friendly environments.
  2. Their scented roses flourish on LEAF-accredited farms in West Sussex, Hampshire and Tambuzi in Kenya.
  3. Their ethical approach allows the company to source fresh roses year-round while upholding the highest sustainability standards.
  4. The Real Flower Company is carbon negative and climate positive.
  5. Bees and other insects are of huge significance. The company uses biologicals in place of pesticides. Guinea fowl, chickens and ducks keep the slugs and snails at bay, and you might spot a hedgehog ambling through the shrubs.

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