The Best Places to Buy Affordable Art Online
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The Best Places to Buy Affordable Art Online

All under £200

In a Matisse cut out poster rut? Aren’t we all. There’s a wealth of more affordable art spaces online; we’ve gathered 20 of the best.  

The Best Places to Buy Affordable Art Online

Trend: Art Interiors / Sculpture

It’s easy to write off buying art as overpriced and out of reach. But our answer to this is, have you looked in the right places? To get the lay of the land: start off by checking out Partnership Editions and 1st Dibs. Then getting into specifics, if you’re into witty (but beautiful) contemporary twists on Greco-Roman or Renaissance Old Masters: Art Dealer Domenica Marland, illustrator Fee Greening, and potter Polly Anna Ceramics, would be our port of call.

If you’re after painterly old school style antiques (but not their typical stomach wrenching prices) head to Medium Room, Wondering People, Tat London, and have a go at Petri Prints.

scalloped lamp and greek inspired painting by Domenica Marland Art Dealer

Image courtesy of Domenica Marland

Now, onto prints and posters. Always the more affordable option. For more zesty, joie de vivre style of art, check out the Iota Edit‘s curation of original prints and drawings, and have a look at Camilla Perkins and Tatiana Alida’s work; both excellent artists that are sure to lift any sad wall with big beautiful strokes of colour.

For mindful minimalistic zingers, check out PSTR Studio, and Paper Collective, and see up and coming Ellie Evelyn Orrel’s work at @oktobergal, who’s selling gorgeous original linework prints, all comfortably around £35. Not bad.

How To Buy Art For Your Home 

But our round up isn’t the end of the story. If you follow a bunch of your favourite illustrators or artists on Instagram, they’ll often fleetingly sell their offcuts or prints that aren’t perfect on their stories, and that’s when you swoop in with the deal of the century. Keep alerts on eBay for ultra specific search related terms if you’re after antiques, or other pieces of affordable art. Or why not commission a friend who does art now and again? There’s plenty of options out there; it’s just a matter of finding your artwork that speaks to you (and your wallet).

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Framed art print from Green Lili

Green Lili

What’s the Aesthetic? This independent home décor store focuses on framed art prints and canvas art with a boho, Scandi or industrial-rustic vibe. Pieces are designed to help create feel-good spaces that embrace slow living, with lots of neutral tones, plants and abstract shapes.

Price Range? Art prints from £22

Our Pick: Beach Days Framed Canvas Art, £170,

Alice Johnson, 'Prawn Vase' 2021 sold by Domenica Marland

Domenica Marland

What’s the Aesthetic? Young art dealer Domenica Marland has a superlative array of mainly figurative work that’s mostly prints, original pieces and a few pieces of sculpture. Best for plays on Old Masters, and sure to zing up any tired corner of the house.

Price Range? Starts at around £80.

Our Pick: Alice Johnson ‘Prawn Vase’ (2021), £170, / @domenicamarland

Herbaria Series – Silene by Jasmyn Kopcsandy sold by Ioata Edit

Iota Edit

What’s the Aesthetic? Think mindful, introverted, earthy pieces for the curation of work at Iota Edit. If you follow @themodernhouse or @punchtheclock on Instagram, this is right up your street.

Price Range? Starts at around £40.

Our Pick: Herbaria Series, Silene by Jasmyn Kopcsandy, £70.00, / @iota.edit

Kitchen still life sold by Medium Room

Medium Room

What’s the Aesthetic? Medium Room is all about vintage and antique art pieces, that’s well priced. Think ochre, think Cézanne inspired, think laissez faire strokes that build up stunning figurative nudes and portraits. Not one to miss of the list.

Price Range? Starts at around £150.

Our Pick: Kitchen Still Life, £175,

Camilla Perkins Serpent Print

Camilla Perkins

What’s the Aesthetic? If you love any of the following: seascapes, pastels, Matisse’s painterly works, or still lives busting with colour, you will adore the work of Camilla Perkins. A perfect buy to bring serotonin to your walls.

Price Range? Prints start at £100.

Our Pick: Serpent, limited edition print, £200, / @camillaperkins

Lovers Eye Print by Fee Greening

Fee Greening

What’s the Aesthetic? If you’re dazzled by the world of Medieval art, symbols, and intricate details, Fee Greening is your new favourite artist. Having worked with Gucci and Florence and the Machine (the list goes on), she sells a flurry of stunning prints on her website, and she’ll post now and again on her Instagram stories more affordable works that don’t make it to the website.

Price Range? Starts at £95.

Our Pick: Lovers Eye Print, £180, / @feegreening

Rebecca Sammon, Flowers Calling to Flowers, sold by Partnership Editions

Partnership Editions

What’s the Aesthetic? Always platforming the coveted up-and-coming artists (think Venetia Berry, Polly Anna Johnson) Partnership Editions platforms a broad swathe of genres and mediums, that’s a good place to start to see what styles you’re drawn to.

Price Range? Starts at £50, but goes up quickly thereafter. There’s a great ‘Under £150’ filter you can apply to set yourself financial limits.

Our Pick: Flowers Calling to Flowers, Rebecca Sammon, Acrylic on Canvas. N.B. available at Partnership Editions in an upcoming art and homeware drop launching on the 25th of May. Prices start from £150 and are available online. / @partnershipeditions

Botanical garden 140.00 Oil pastel on paper by Kate Mary, 2020 sold by Wondering People

Wondering People

What’s the Aesthetic? Cool minimalism meets earthy primalism. It’s all about craft, slowness, intuitive painterly ‘naive’ work here. If you love playing around with clay, checking the Wondering People website will be your new hobby.

Price Range? Starts at £55, keep to the ‘Under £150’ filter, though.

Our Pick: Botanical Garden, Oil on Pastel by Kate Mary (2020), £140,

Carla Llanos print sold online by Narchie


What’s the Aesthetic? The much-hyped new app (that’s Depop’s answer for homeware), is selling an affordable array of prints, drawings, and paintings, that requires some trawling through, but you’ll retrieve some gems. Think contemporary line work over anything grandiose or overworked.

Price Range? Starts at £14.99, Narchie’s up there with one of the best for affordable art.

Our Pick: Carla Llanos Art Print, £62, Narchie

The Fragility Art Print by Joao Incerti sold by Society6


What’s the Aesthetic? Gathering a whole flurry of independent artists, Society6 is steered towards those into trendy digital art, and the kind of posters that are big on colour, and less on detail. Typographers: this is where you’ll get your stash.

Price Range? £13.94 upwards.

Our Pick: The Fragility Art Print, Joao Incerti, £34.84, /

The Sapodilla sold by Petri Prints

Petri Prints

What’s the Aesthetic? A small family run business, you’ll find at Petri Prints antique pieces loosely based around science and food history. It’s the kind of art that’s perfect for a guest bedroom that’ll be timeless.

Price Range? From £100.

Our Pick: The Sapodilla, £125,

Pieces Horoscope Print by Tatiana Alida

Tatiana Alida

What’s the Aesthetic? If you like dopamine drenched colour, musings, horoscopes, pithy thoughtful lines of poetry, and loose brushwork, Tatiana Alida is for you. Utterly perfect if you’re renting a London flat and want to give the walls a bit of a glow up.

Price Range? Starts from £75.

Our Pick: Pisces Horoscope Print, £75,

Waleria Matelska Night - Figurative Acrylic Painting on Paper, Young art, Minimalism, Vibrant 2020 sold by 1st Dibs

1st Dibs

What’s the Aesthetic? It’s an online marketplace that sells much more than art, but you’ll be able to pick up something at a good price if you’re a regular frequenter to the website. There’s a whole host of different genres (almost too much), so best to go into this website with a specific agenda in mind, so you don’t get lost.

Price Range? Starts at £1, however the reality is that as it’s bidding, prices do shoot up. Sort your prices ‘From Low to High’ on the filter, and that should get you on a good start.

Our Pick: Waleria Matelska, Night, £112.66,

Framed Mixed Media, Reclining Figures, Patrik Reuterswärd (1886-1971) sold by Tat London

Tat London

What’s the Aesthetic? Positioned as an ‘online jumble shop’, its a bit of an aesthetic lucky dip — but more often than not, you’ll come across sophisticated figurative works like landscapes with loose brush work.

Price Range? Starts at £61.

Our Pick: Framed Mixed Media, Reclining Figures, Patrik Reuterswärd (1886-1971), £188,

Rosie McGuiness The Poster Club

The Poster Club

What’s the Aesthetic? You have posters: and then you have The Poster Club. Curated in Copenhagen (you already know it’s going to be good), you’ll genuinely want most of the posters in your home. As expected with the Scandi aesthetic, think: moody linework, meditative Rothko-esque splurges of colour, as well as some light-hearted playful pieces.

Price Range? Starts at 20 EUR.

Our Pick: Rosie McGuiness, / @theposterclub

Solid Shapes 03 By Nina Bruun sold by paper collective

Paper Collective

What’s the Aesthetic? More posters. On the similar lines as The Poster Club: but think more eccentric, more curious collage cut outs, more graphic design led styles with Paper Collective.

Price Range? Starts at £31.25.

Our Pick: Solid Shapes By Nina Bruun, starting from £31.25,

Splash by Lucy Laucht

Lucy Laucht

What’s the Aesthetic? If you’re big on travel, Lucy Laucht’s dreamy shots are something of a Mediterranean hazy dream. She captures that glittering sea, that feeling of being stung by the sun in mid-afternoon heat, and why wouldn’t you want that moment suspended on your walls?

Price Range? Starts from £100.

Our Pick: Splash by Lucy Laucht, £100, / @lucylaucht

No.041 - Nouveau Indigo - Vintage Archive Poster Prints sold by Prints Sisters

Print Sisters

What’s the Aesthetic? A gorgeous curation of vintage archival posters that are mainly based around flora and fauna. It’s our go to for affordable art posters.

Price Range? From £40.

Head To: No.041 – Nouveau Indigo – Vintage Archive Poster, £50, / @printsisters_archive

Rosi Feist - Koi Gang fish poster sold by PSTR

PSTR Studio

What’s the Aesthetic? PSTR is a magpie for the classics: Matisse, Moomins, William Morris. Your go to as a starting point for your perfect poster.

Price Range? Starts at around 36 EUR.

Our Pick: Rosi Feist – Koi Gang, €36,00,

Burlington House, Royal Academy of Arts, London (c) Fraser Marr

The Royal Academy

What’s the Aesthetic? Here’s your arena to pick up your favourite prints from artists from the canon of history of art. You’ll also find exhibition posters, prints from the current exhibitions, a nod to contemporary artists (Grayson Perry) as well as showcasing the grand master classics.

Price Range? Starts at £3.50.

Our Pick: Kyōsai Painting Party Scroll Print, £35,

Image: Burlington House, Royal Academy of Arts, London (c) Fraser Marr

a still life line drawing by Ellie Evelyn Orrell

Ellie Evelyn Orrell

What’s the Aesthetic? It’s all about quiet, intuitive linework for Ellie Evelyn Orrel. Think breakfast scenes, collages that are often around the colour indigo. Our choice for affordable art with original line drawing.

Price Range? Original linework starts at £8.

Our Pick: Still Life Drawing (original) £60,

@oktobergal /

Domenica Marland’s Hanging Tips at Home

We caught up with London art curator, Domenica Marland, who shares her cheat sheet for hanging happy 

1. Go for a picture wall. Best behind a sofa or through a corridor, when curating a picture wall, you’ll want to think in either sets of around eight to ten pieces, or 20 pieces. See how shapes and colour speak to each other, and pair vintage pieces, like a 19th Century Seaweed print side by side with a contemporary one, like a Tatiana Alida piece.

2. ….Or flood a wall with just one artwork. Going for either full picture wall or just one huge painting is a good port of call. Philippa Jeffrey or Ruby Bateman would be my go to.

3. Small London flat? Hang high. When you’re stuck on space, think about how you could hang in unusual spaces like sky high; it creates a bit of intrigue and fun.

4. Think in sets. Perfect for a kitchen or bathroom wall, a set of six, or a triptych style from Lucy Mahon, will transform a room.


The UK’s Best Art Shows and Fairs 2022

Main Image: Venetia Berry, Jigsaw, Acrylic on Canvas 50cm x 50cm, available at Partnership Editions in an upcoming art and homeware drop launching on the 25th of May. Prices start from £150 and are available online.