Are You a drēmər? Hästens Beds

By Ruby Featherstone

2 years ago

Hastens Beds Celebrates its 170th Anniversary with the drēmər Bed

Swedish bed company, Hästens, known for its eye-catching blue and white check pattern, has reached its 170th anniversary.

To celebrate the milestone, Hästens has launched a new bed: the drēmər. Completely handmade in their factory in Koping, Sweden, the new bed is a masterpiece of design, craftsmanship and echoes the history of the family-run company. It also continues its collaboration with Canadian designer, Ferris Rafauli, who designed its most exclusive bed, the Grand Vividus, in 2021.

hastens dremar in Blue and white check

Hastens dremar in Blue and white check

The Company

Originally a saddle-makers, the company was founded by Pehr Adolf Janson, who qualified as a master saddler on 22nd March 1852 in a small Swedish town near Stockholm. Since then, through six generations, the company has expanded across the globe and continues to innovate to the needs of its customers with Jan Ryde at the helm. Selling globally in 46 countries, they even have a wall of fame in their factory showing the wide variety of celebrities who have publicly said they sleep in a Hästens bed.

Hästens’ main focus is on the transformative power of extraordinary sleep and how it can help people create the life they dream of upon waking. This is why the company uses the finest wool, cotton, flax, premium Swedish pine, and horsetail hair with absolute precision to create the perfect sleeping conditions. Having met the team and tested out the beds, I believe them when they say, ‘once you sleep in Hästens, nothing else is quite the same.’

Hastens' drēmər details in the Natural Shale

The Drēmər

Following Ferris Rafauli’s Grand Vividus creation, he is back in full force with the drēmər bed.

Pronounced as ‘dreamers’, drēmərs are inspiring individuals who do more than just dream and go on living ordinary lives. drēmərs are awake to their inner greatness and make their dreams—small and large—a reality. Echoing the company’s current tagline which encourages people to ‘be awake for the first time in your life’, the new bed symbolises six generations of dreams, ideas and inspirations which have led the company to this point.

Lovingly hand-stitched and assembled by the team in Koping, the drēmər is upholstered in fabric based on the brand’s iconic horse insignia, with four different colours to chose from: Traditional Blue, Black Shadow, Natural Shale and Phantom Charcoal. The impressive matching velvet headboard is a statement piece in any bedroom, cocooning the sleeper in a dream-filled paradise. At the foot of the bed is the uplifting phrase ‘drēmər, The Day Is Yours,’ while the silver-plated brass nameplate on the bed base is etched with ‘drēmər’ and the logos of Hästens and Ferris Rafauli.

Hastens' drēmər logo in the Black Shadow

Hastens’ drēmər logo in the Black Shadow

The pièce de résistance of Hästens’ beds is in different levels of firmness to suit personal preference with any size also available to the customer. The company ethos of creating a consistently perfect night’s sleep is upheld by this personalisation, refined through bed tests and the most natural of materials to aid a night of restful sleep.

The drēmər bed and headboard exude uncompromising quality and design. They are an exceptional homage to Pehr Adolf Janson, the drēmər who founded Hästens and the drēmərs who have since played their part in shaping Hästens into the world-leading brand it is today.

Pricing starts from £21,990 for the drēmər, with the headboard starting from £17,195. Available from Hästens stores and global partners from 22 March 2022. Find out more about the drēmər at the Hästens website, here

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