Trend: Art Interiors

By Sofia Tindall

2 years ago

Tap into your inner Mondrian

Interiors are having an Art Attack moment: no longer just for the walls, abstract prints are making their way onto soft furnishings and accessories, and furniture taken over by ever-more adventurous sculptural silhouettes. Ready to make your home your canvas? Here’s how to tap into the trend

How to Buy Art for Your Home

How To: Art interiors

Furniture designers Emily and Victoria Ceraudo‘s top five tips 

1. Go Big and Bold

A bold print or piece of furniture is the perfect first step to building your interior scheme. Choosing the piece of art first, and creating a layered interior based around the colours and style of the artwork creates a truly unique and cohesive space.

2. Choose Statement Pieces Carefully

Use heavily decorated pieces of furniture sparingly – if applied to everything, it could become too busy.

Ceraudo Elio in Tan chair

Ceraudo Elio chair in Tangerine, £1,775,

3. Compare and Contrast

A boldly patterned armchair or sofa can be a fantastic hero piece. Building simple or plain fabrics and textures around this creates an interesting and harmonious space.

4. Work with Textures

Wall tapestries, patterned fabric headboards or our Orpha hessian rug is an easy but striking way to introduce art into your home in a more decorative way.

5. It’s All In the Detail

If a larger piece of furniture or a wall hanging feels too ambitious, even just a cushion with an abstract print can be a light touch way to play with an art aesthetic.

Bee and Sons cushion


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