10 Classy Artificial Plants & Flowers You'll Actually think are Real
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10 Classy Artificial Plants & Flowers You’ll Actually think are Real

It's not fake; it's *faux*

Gone are the days of garish lime green stems and waxy plastic, artificial plants have upped their game in recent years; here are 10 of the best

10 Luxury Artificial Plants & Faux Flower Bouquets You won’t Believe are Fake

a fake bouquet of flowers in a vase on a wooden chair outside, by Hoax

The Tess Bouquet, £40, Hoax. Image courtesy of Hoax

There are two types of people in this world: those who water their plants regularly, and those who do not. If you’re reading this, you almost certainly fall into the latter camp. But no shade to be thrown at you at all, because artificial plants, flowers, bouquets and trees have become no longer a unfortunate side show in the corner gathering dust, the level of detail, material, and all the rest of it has seriously improved in recent years, where you genuinely won’t believe it’s fake.

The type of artificial plant has become elevated: think wild flowers, textured ferns, and fiddle trees that will add an air of sophistication of any living room or bedroom. So if you’re into biophilia, bougie things, but superlatively lazy, and we’re all here for it, and consider this round up to begin your best *faux* life.

You’ll want to check out Oka and Neptune for designer pieces (but at a higher price point), then also Blooming Artificial, Shida Florist, and you may have some luck at the bigger online stores like M&S Home, and John Lewis.

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The Daisy Bouquet by Hoax, it's a artificial bouquet of flowers in a smart English living room with books and grey panelled walls

Daisy, £160, Hoax, hoaxflowers.com

An artificial pink rose by Neptune

English Rose Stem, £16, Neptune, neptune.com

Miniature Faux Fiddle Plant by Oka

Miniature Faux Fiddle Plant, £95, Oka, oka.com

Extra Large Faux Fiddle Tree by Oka

Extra Large Faux Fiddle Tree, £2,995, Oka, oka.com

a vase of fake pink peonies

Artificial Pink Open Peony, £80, Amaranthine Blooms, amaranthineblooms.co.uk

a bouquet of fake flowers next to a stove

Artificial Harmony Bouquet, £85.68, Blooming Artificial. bloomingartifical.co.uk

a group of artificial orchids on a table, all sold by Oka

Faux Planted Phalaenopsis Orchid, £75, Oka, oka.com

A fake olive tree sits in a light airy living room next to a console table

Artificial Olive Tree and Woven Rattan Pot, £241, Maisons du Monde, maisonsdumonde.com

an artificial bouquet of pink and purple flowers, sold by Not on the High Street

Artificial Pink Wild Flower Arrangement and Vase, £20, Not on the High Street, notonthehighstreet.com

faux Pittosporum Spray sold by Neptune

Pittosporum Spray, £17, Neptune, neptune.com

a bouquet of fake plants which includes eucalyptus

Matcha Large, £69, Shida Preserved Flowers, shida.florist


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Main Image: Hoax, hoaxflowers.com