How To Choose The Perfect Pillow

By Olivia Emily

3 weeks ago

Looking for the perfect night’s sleep? Rest your head on these luxury pillows…

We’re always wondering how to get a better night’s sleep, and one quick fix is your pillow. With a range of materials, price points and temperature regulating qualities, however, it’s tricky to know where to start. If you’re willing to invest, these are the best luxury pillows on the market right now, C&TH approved.

Best Luxury Pillows 2024



Emma Premium Pillow, £115

This foam pillow is the perfect pick for sleepers who want to feel cool and supported throughout the night, with adjustable temperature regulating layers that keep fresh. Better still, the Emma Premium Pillow features a breathable and machine washable UltraDry-Plus cover for effortless maintenance.

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Hefel Gold Down With Outlast®️ Pillow, £140–159

Fancy a royally approved night’s sleep? Royal Warrant holder Heirlooms’ Hefel Gold Down pillow combines wonderfully snug down with temperature regulating Outlast® fibres originally crafted by NASA for an out-of-this-world sleep.

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Medium Imperial Down Pillow, £319

The vital importance of a good night’s sleep is at the centre of Harrods’ range of pillows. The Imperial Down Pillow in particular features a composition that will soak you in comfort as you melt into sleep.

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John Lewis

British Goose Down & Feather Kingsize Pillow, Medium/Firm, £190

This responsibly sourced goose feather and down pillow is encased in sumptuously soft cotton and has been carefully crafted for those who sleep on their back or side, helping to keep your spine aligned for the perfect night’s sleep.

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Soak & Sleep

80% Goose Down Standard Pillow Pair – Medium, £100

Side sleeper? This Soak & Sleep pillow is your perfect match, filled with luxuriously soft goose down, with a supportive inner chamber made of goose feather to help you wake up feeling wonderful.

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How To Pick The Perfect Pillow

1. What Is Your Sleeping Position?

We all know it’s technically better to sleep on your back, but what’s the truth? For minimal neck pain, you’ll want to choose a pillow that suits your sleeping position.

  • Back sleepers: Medium thickness and medium firmness pillows keep your head, neck and spine aligned.
  • Side sleepers: Thicker, firmer pillows fill the distance between your ear and shoulder.
  • Stomach sleepers: Thin, softer pillows reduce neck strain.

2. What Is Your Body Type?

Because the best pillow really varies per person, another important consideration is your body type. If you have more of a petite frame, your head will naturally lay closer to the mattress, so a thinner pillow is required to maintain spinal alignment. In contrast, larger framed individuals are recommended thicker, firmer pillows to keep them supported throughout the night.

3. Which Material Do You Prefer?

The three main pillow materials are down/feather, memory foam and polyester. With all three available in hypoallergenic and firmer or softer forms, the choice really comes down to personal preference. Luckily, many luxury pillow brands offer trial periods so you can check before you invest.

4. Temperature Regulation

Are you a hot sleeper or do you want to keep cosy warm? If you often find yourself overheating at night and craving the cool side of the pillow, look for a pillow specifically designed to keep cool, featuring the likes of cooling gel, moisture-wicking fabrics and breathable materials like cotton.